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Jenny’s Make Me Laugh Monday February 2, 2009

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When I got to work this morning, the office was near empty….just me and our rockin’ office manager (ROM).

ROM and I were discussing our weekend and we realized we both were suffering from some serious muscle issues in our necks and backs.

ROM and I, apparently, had both been participating in the same sporting activities over the weekend and we were both very sore as after effects.

Sleep is my sport of choice. I’ll have to post my playlist for my favorite songs to play for my slumber workout. If you’re gonna have sports injuries…then you are into your sport enough for an iPod playlist, right?

You know, those sleep injuries can be painful! Like when you pull a muscle in your neck ‘cuz you slept all wrong??

I suffer from sleep injuries on a regular basis due to my mad sleep skills.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for sleep injury relief.

Is this really all that funny or just really, really sad?

To find some really funny stuff, go visit my friend Jenny at Jennyonthespot.com

-The Mom