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It’s a Whirlwind….But Just In Time May 13, 2009

Hello to any of you that still pop by 🙂

Life has been hectic, as I’ve stated before.  Actually, let me restate that.  It’s not so much that life has been hectic, but more that I’ve been more purposeful in what I’m doing, more focused, more dedicated.  I’ve been doing this with every little thing….from how I dust a room to how I parent my children to how I accomplish my work.

I started this focused action because I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching this past year.  You know what?  I still don’t have any great answers.  I don’t think I’ve been set on this planet to change the world.  But I do believe that I’ve been commanded to be the best possible steward to my own little universe.  So I’ve been trying to truly focus my efforts and energy into doing everything to the best standard as often as I can.  In the beginning, it has taken away a lot of my creative energy to meet my standard.  Also, I do find that whenever I start on a journey to create something positive, there is a little resistance from the “universe” at first.  It’s as if the forces-that-be want to make sure that I really want to achieve my goals.  I guess that is why when I have sat down to consider writing a blog post, there has been nothing… no free flowing thought.  I’m assuming that the longer I keep at this focused way of living, the easier it will become and then there will be more creative energy available.

Today I was reading one of my favorite blogs, One Louder.  Heather was discussing her own soul searching and brought up this magazine article
from O Magazine.  It’s author, Martha Beck, had this to say about a concept she calls Just In Time Thinking which focuses on the abundance that truly exists when we have just what we need, when we need it:

“I can’t quite explain this; it often seems nothing short of miraculous. Perhaps this is why the authors of the Bible included the story of the wandering Israelites who were given manna from heaven, but only permitted to gather enough to supply their needs until the next manna-festation. Whether you take it literally or metaphorically, this tale was considered important enough to become holy writ. Why? …. The Israelite story-keepers wanted to remind readers that, miraculous as it seems, just-in-time confidence keeps supply lines clear and prosperity flowing.”

It is a great article (you should read it) that speaks to putting confidence in the abundance we already have in our lives.  I loved the use of the word “manna-festation”  I feel that over the last year, that is exactly what God wants me to understand.  When I trust, my life will manna-fest productivity and abundance.  Gosh, I could write an entire blog on the word manna-fest and how it’s anlaogy could pertain to our lives!  I will have what I need, when I need it, as God wants me to have it.  I’m really going to focus on this for the rest of this coming year.  These are scary times.  I have felt a lot of fear and anxiety on the blogs lately.  A lot of doom and gloom and “end days” line of thinking.  I don’t know that any of that is very helpful.  As our nation continues to struggle through this age, we need to focus on our manna-fest.  We need to trust in our God and in ourselves that we will have what we need when we need it.

In her article, Martha goes on to recommend the following exercise.  I am leaving early tomorrow in the morning for an extended weekend, but when I return, I shall start the following reflections on a regular basis.

1. List 10 times you thought that there wouldn’t be enough of something and you survived.

2. List 10 areas where you have too much, not too little.

3. List 20—or 50, or 1,000—wonderful things that entered your life just at the right time, with no effort on your part. Start with the little things (oxygen, sunlight, a song on the radio).

I can’t wait to feel abundance, productivity, peace, competence and security in deeper, more soulful ways!

Enjoy the day!

-The Mom


The Great Boob Smash Adventure of 2009 January 13, 2009

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Oh yes…..I am a fully inducted member of the 40 and over crowd that dutifully monitors their breast health!

You know, if you haven’t done this yet, you really should. Forget all the stories you hear….the x-ray tech told me that one of her patients said it was worse than natural child birth….now, c’mon, really??? Have you ever given birth to the greatest love of your life without meds? I have! Twice! Can I just tell you……you can’t even compare that to the very mild, non humiliating experience that I had yesterday during the pancake test.

I mean, I never even howled like a primitive beast from the netherworld! I never was embarrassed about what I looked like or how many people were coming in to observe all my goodies. Just me and the female tech! And I just walked right out of that x-ray room and on to the rest of my day. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. No need to stretch out or ice down afterwards. Just the wonderful inner peace of knowing that I’m taking care of little ole’ me.

I did bring my camera with me and I was gonna take pics so you all could see how benign an ordeal it really is but the tech looked at me as if I had fallen straight out of the sky from Planet Looney Tunes.  Besides, it may have just been TMI anyway.  It wasn’t nearly the flattening that I had expected.  I had girlfriends that told me they were going to squeeze my 34Ds until they were flat like a pancake, which was truly a frightening thought for me.  I mean, would they be spilling all over the smasher shelf????  I wondered how long it would take for my girls to return to a normal shape after such a thing.  That isn’t what happens at all.  Yes, you get a little compressed, but only a little.  For me it wasn’t even uncomfortable for a minute.  They do say that each woman has a different experience but I wonder if we don’t hype ourselves up and then feel something that we truly only conjure up in our own heads.

I’m tellin’ ya…there are a lot of other things I would rather NOT do for 15 minutes!

So come on gals!  Get your boob smash adventure on and get that mammogram this year!

-The Mom


Letting go September 26, 2008

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Lately I’ve been struggling with what i though life would be.  I read this post from Conversion Diary and it really socked it to me today.  I had thought I found “my calling”….to be the best mom I could be.  When I got divorced my definition of what that looked like really had to change.  Going back to work was something I didn’t want to do.  Ever.  I am not a child of my generation.  I could care less for career paths and professional success.  Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some hard work and a successful endeavor.  I just always wanted those activities to be involved with volunteering in school, church or community.

My idea of a great mom was someone that was always available when needed.  Cookies and milk after school.  Helping in the classroom and going on field trips.  Clean house.  Clean clothes.  Knowing all of my kids’ friends and their families.  For my own little house, I did not think I could be a great mom if I spent the majority of my day working.

I have to admit, there are many days that I am jealous and resentful of the SAHMs in my neighborhood.  I don’t like shoving ALL my mommying into the hours between 6 and 9 pm while also cooking, cleaning, and laundering.  I know it’s not YOUR fault.  It’s still not fair.  Oh! Everyone say hi to the 5 year old that I just morphed into for a second.

I have been feeling that “my purpose” had been yanked away from me.  Jen reminded me that I really just need to re-define what a great mom is.  So….how many things can we list that define a great mom?  I’ll start!

1. Surviving with a smile on my face and hope in my heart one day at a time

2. Teaching my children to work on my team instead of against it

3. Always remembering to say I love you at the end of the day.  And in the middle.  And in the beginning.

4. Knowing that 3 hours of really good mommying is just as good as 12 hours of really good mommying


Also….what is a great mom NOT?

1. Someone who feels a slave to the gourmet dinner menu

2. Someone who worries more about the cleanliness of her house than the joyfulness of her kids

3. Someone who hides jealousy and self pity in her heart

(By the way, the NOT list isn’t to judge others so much as it is to help me let go and re-define.  Slave away Martha, slave away).

Can you help me add to my list?  I think I need the village as much as my girls do!

Oh and a very big THANKS to my immediate village.  My friends and neighbors that watch my kids at a moment’s notice, even when they are sick.  The ones who share a glass of wine or two or five ok just two  let me come and vent when I need to.  Who remind me when I’ve left my garage door open.  Who let me borrow things from their kitchen so I don’t have to run to the grocery store.  etc., etc, etc,   You know who you are!  I truly could not have lived through the last 4 redefining years without you!

-The Mom