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Universe Say Wha? November 4, 2008

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I always find it interesting that the very moment I decide to dedicate myself to something that takes discipline, the universe really tries to stand in my way.  It never fails. When I’m trying to take on a new excercise program or a committee leadership position or what have you, everything possible to upset my ability to succeed will crop up.  Case in point…..

I committed to participate in Soul Coaching.  I did this for me.  You see, tomorrow I turn 40.  For the past couple of years, most especially the last year, I have been struggling with my direction.  I have questioned myself a ton and lost a certain amount of confidence.  Never before in my life have I felt this way.  When I found the blog for the Soul Coaching journey, I thought maybe this would be good for me.  It started on November 1, the first day of the first month of my 40th year.  I thought maybe this process would help me clear my mind and find my focus.  I didn’t find out about it until right before the month started but I bought my book and got ramped up for starting the discovery of what was lurking around in my soul.

Then, the Universe said “WHA?”  You don’t get to do something for you!  Want proof?  Let me show you! 

The Ex will decide to forfeit his weeking with the Girls.  Yes, the weekend that I thought I could be quiet and meditate and start my journey.  It was a most dramatic weekend that required a lot of hand holding, snuggling with broken hearts on the couch, and trips into the City to take our minds to something better.  OK. 

Just a couple of days behind now on Monday.  So, tonight I will hunker down and catch up.  Universe say “WHA?”  Let me show you….the dog will cut its paw, bleed all over the new carpet, all over the car, all over the animal hospital’s waiting area.  Dinner will burn in the oven and you’ll come home exhausted, stressed, and needing the comfort of a lovely glass of red which will then put you to sleep on the couch instead of searching your soul.  HA! AND we’ll throw in a pinch of more family drama from the Ex, just for good measure.

I am determined to catch up to the rest of the group at Soul Coaching.  I’m sorry for dragging behind.  I will bring up the rear though!  No matter how loud the Universe yells.  I’m gonna yell back “Oh No You Di-int!”

-The Mom