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My House, My Home November 24, 2008

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It is Earth week on the Soul Coaching journey.  Today we are challenged to examine our physical selves.  Uggggh!  Why do we women struggle with this? Right now I’m not thrilled with my physical self.  Ever since the summer I have been trying to stick to a consistant workout schedule.  I just don’t seem to be able to do it.  I don’t worry so much about the number I see on the scale.  I seem to be able to control it okay, even if it is about 10 pounds heavier than I want it.  But ever since I started working full time, I just have a hard time having energy or desire or time all line up at the same time.  And now I feel sluggish and weak and jiggely.  My jeans that I used to love to put on, now make me cringe.  Yikes.  So once again I will commit to a routine.  It’s extra challenging this time of year, but probably even more improtant.

Some other things I need to get on the calendar:  My first mamogram…oh yeah, I’m forty.  I also need to have my wisdom tooth removed.  Yup…just one…that’s all I got but it’s got to go.  I also would like to get blood work done to determine my hormone levels to figure out if my diet is lacking in anything.  Finally, I need to visit the right doctor to evaluate my knees.  They hurt too much for a gal my age!

So there it is….as I started this process by de-cluttering my home (the one where my body resides), I will end it de-cluttering my house (the one where my soul resides).

-The Mom