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The End of the Day November 7, 2008

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I haven’t had much time for reflection today.  I did appreciate all the imagery left by others in the Soul Coaching group.  I wandered through a newly de-cluttered studio and sat on an outdoor bench sipping tea and letting the balmy wind play with my hair.  I also stood by a fire and enjoyed the warmth of the burning, discarded papers.  Thank you, my friends, for those images that gave me fresh and invigorating energy and gave me the resources to get through my day.

I did go to my daughter’s 2nd choral performance tonight that was in combination with all the middle schools in the district, the high school, and one of the elementary schools.  It was such a joy to watch and listen to that big group of youthful voices.  They were led by another great director….we are so fortunate in our district!  I have never before seen highschoolers and middle schoolers have so much fun with choir.  These kids were truly joyful in what they were doing.  I was filled to the brim with fresh invigorating energy.  Music moves me so deeply and I love to sing.  It restores my soul and lets the down energy out and the up energy in.  It declutters those emotions that I can’t put a name or reason to.

I don’t often post pictures of my family due to the fact that I have young kids, but in celebration of my birthday, here we are minus The Artist who is at school on the other side of the state…..we missed you and your beautiful smile! The Diva, The Daughter, The Boyfriend, Me, The Littlest.


-The Mom