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Don’t Go Breaking My Heart October 28, 2008

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I sat there in the Middle School Media Room trying not to let a tear actually roll down my face.  It wasn’t easy.  The Daughter was standing up there with many girls that I have known since kindergarten.  Some of them we’ve known since preschool.  They were singing in their first choral performance of the year.  They were amazing!  They were composed and BE.AUT.TI.FUL.  They sang with joy and maturity and it was truly an enjoyable performance.  Big kudos should go out to the Choir Director who has done an amazing job with the 6 weeks they’ve been in school.  I’m serious!  These kids ROCKED! 

I remember many years ago at the wedding of one of my cousins, my mother said to me that she realized that when someone gets married or has a baby we often cry.  Her realization was that those tears came from our hearts breaking…..breaking apart so that they could become bigger to accomodate a new family member, a new life. 

When I watch my Daughter my heart often breaks.  It breaks because it has to get bigger.  It has to get bigger to accommodate my love and my pride for who she is.

You amaze me, my Dear One.  To see you take on this year and shine the way you are.  Academically, emotionally….you are more than impressive.  You are my pride.  You like to tease me for being so teary.  Now you know….it’s just me making more room.

-The Mom


Attack of the Zombie Mom May 28, 2008

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I’m currently on day #3 of the insomniatic jag.  You know it’s bad when you walk in a room and instead of Hey Co-Worker Lady!  you hear Hey! You Look Tired!  Yeah…that’s when you know you really, really need some shut eye.  Just in case you didn’t figure it out before work when you were biting off the head of the Littlest Sister because she was having difficulty spreading peanut butter on her sandwich.  Sorry Littlest One, Zombies like first grade heads for breakfast.

So, the girls on the recess playground at The School should be glad I’m not volunteering today!   Zombies also like devouring 5th grade SnobbyHeads for afternoon snacks!  It is always so relieving to exit that “Mean Girls” phase of life.  When I did however, I was naive to the fact that I’d have to go through it again via my kids.  Aren’t we supposed to live vicariously through them for good stuff…like all the things we wished we would have been (cheerleader, prom queen, straight A student) NOT all the things we hated the first time around???

Chin up Daughter!  You will overcome eventually.  At some point these girls run out of nasty energy and figure out that they aren’t any better than anyone else after all.  Well, at least they’re supposed to.

In the meantime, remember to pick up all the stuff on the stairs and in the family room before I return from work.  Maybe if we don’t feed the Zombie any more children, she will go away.

-The Mom