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What? It’s Wednesday??!! January 29, 2009

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I can’t believe how fast this week has gone by! This past weekend, my S.O. (Significant Other***this guy needs a better name!) whisked me away on a spontaneous last minute getaway. LOVE HIM!!!

See if you can guess where…..imgp2253

This famous island is just off the coast of the city we visited.  Where am I?


This is a famous building in the city that I visited.  Where am I?


This chocolate company was founded in the city I was visiting.  Where am I?


We took this kind of transportation in the city I was visiting.  Where am I?


This is me trying to take our picture in front of this


famous bridge that the city I was visiting is known for.  Where am I?


This is supposed to be SO and I standing in front of the bridge.  Do you like the beautiful bridge?  Ya…..I can’t see it either…thanks a lot Mr. I’ll Take Your Picture!

Did you figure it out yet?  I tried to get Journey’s “Lights” to play for you, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that.  But you get the drift….The City by the Bay…..

I was in San Francisco!  What a treat!  Thanks Baby!


This was the only semi decent picture from the whole weekend 😦

What was your latest adventure?

-The Mom


He He…You said crab! June 10, 2008

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Don’t you love it when in the middle of a bad day, you find a reason to burst into silly, hysterical giggles?  I was driving the girls on one of the many trips to Home Depot this weekend and talking on the phone with my sister.  I confessed that I had been in a terrible mood for the entire week and the peanut gallery chimed in from the back,

“you have mom!”  Then I was like..


“yeah, I have been a total crab pot!”

them:  laughter

me:  “Thanks girls!”

The Littlest One: “Mom’s a crabbutt” more hysterical laughter.

Me:  “wait!  I’m a what???”

Them:  “a CRAB BUTT” literally FOCSL…….falling out of carseat laughing 

Me:  “I did not say that. I said crab POT”

Them “We heard crab BUTT” Tears now streaming down faces.

They are laughing so hard I can’t help but join them.

What a great moment of silly joy in an otherwise gray, rut of a day. What tickles your funny bone?

The Mom