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How Much is Too Much? February 24, 2009

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I was listening to the Today show play in the background on TV as I was getting ready for the day this morning.

The subject: Nadya Suleman and her mother. Apparently, the two of them had a televised conversation which became heated and uncomfortable. Nadya’s mother was trying to express to her daughter that having 8 babies at once on top of the 6 that are already at home, maybe wasn’t the best decision.

Nadya’s response to her mom was that she needed to “learn to let it go”. Wow. Really? Ummmm…..where are those first 6 children currently living? That would be At. Her. Mother’s House!

If Nadya was going to expect her mother and father to help raise her children….shouldn’t she have felt it necessary to request the option of adding 8 more? 1 more even?

Truthfully, I’m not sure who holds the original responsibility in this situation. Some are pointing fingers at the doctor that planted the maximum legally allowed embryos. I can understand that, to an extent. Some are pointing their fingers at Nadya. I can understand that completely! Personally, however, I’m kinda wondering what parent allows this kind of dependency to develop between them and their children in the first place?

Isn’t it our responsibility as parents to raise our children to be independent, contributing adults? Clearly there is an environment that has been nurtured in this situation that allowed Nadya to believe it would be okay to impose upon her parents in such an amazingly intrusive and overwhelmingly life changing capacity.

I look at today’s society and I see parents that love their children and want to give them what was not available during their own upbringings. We want our kids to play on Select Soccer teams and compete at state wide gymnastics in a way that was nonexistent 15 years ago. I know girls that The Daughter attended elementary school with who in 4th and 5th grade were taking vocal coaching because they like to sing. Uh….whatever happened to school/church choir?

I see 10 year olds with iPhones and Seven jeans. There are TVs and video game consoles in their bedrooms. Ski trips in February and Hawaii in spring.

I guess it’s all wonderful if you are affluent and can give that to your kids, but I wonder if we are teaching a level of expectancy that is unreasonable and unhealthy.

Somewhere along the way, spanking became horrific….it never was utilized much in my household, but boy oh boy….knowing that was a possibility kept us kids in line! (most of the time) It was a consequence. Oh, and things had to be earned. And big-time vacations were usually for mom and dad only….when the family took a vacation it was in a tent!

I think we need to really think about what we are teaching our children about their contributions to society and about their own responsibility.

Now, I’m not saying that there are no kids out there that are appreciative or responsible. The Nadya Suleman case is clearly the extreme. I just wonder what the generations that are currently coming of age will understand their legacy to be. So far, I don’t know that my generation is showing them the best example of how to do that.

Stepping off soapbox in 3…2….1

-The Mom


God Bless America January 20, 2009

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As most of you did, I watched the inauguration today with pride and hope for our nation. I feel blessed that I was able to witness this day. Let us never downplay the importance of electing our first minority president. I’ve heard many ask why does there have to be a focus on it at all? In one way they are right….we should be beyond racial concerns. The fact is, though, that we are not. There are too many Americans who can still remember when they weren’t allowed to drink from a certain fountain, sit in a particular movie theater, or swim in a certain pool.

Today we finally live what we speak. We are united and free, all equal, all represented. I do hope that what we see over the next four years is a resurgence of American patriotism. I hope that we can recreate that Great Generation that brought this country through the time of the Second World War to one of our most prosperous eras. Let us be the nation that, once again, rises to the occasion. Let’s conserve our resources, help our neighbors, and involve ourselves in our communities. Let’s stop waiting for the government to figure it out for us. Let us once again become activists and participants. That was the spirit our nation was founded upon. Let’s be that……

Leave a comment and tell us what your goal for the year is….how will you assist our President in re-creating America the Beautiful?

-The Mom


Pretty Mrs. Palin October 2, 2008

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So…. I’m hesitant in even mentioning politics here.  I will throw out the disclaimer that I am NOT announcing any support to any candidate.  I will say however, that Sarah Palin has had a bit of a ride over the past month and I kinda get it.

Last night I tossed and turned as I tried to hold panic at bay.  The news every day sounding worse and worse and more and more bleak certainly doesn’t help.  The Ex has not supported our children financially for the past year and the budget strain is getting overwhelming.  My house is on the market but I have hardly had any lookers much less any buyers.  I love what I do, and the times I make a placement, it is really, really successful.  I just don’t seem to make enough of them, which hinders my ability to increase my income.  My car needs to move on before it breaks down.  yada yada yada.

I tossed and turned and rode the waves of pressure that I am putting on myself.  Up and down and up and down.  Over and over thinking to myself “how did I get myself into this mess???!!!!” 

Around 3:30 in the morning I all of a sudden got really quiet.  For some reason it hit me.  Do you think Sarah Palin is doing the same thing???  I’ll bet she is.  I get it, Sarah.  I get it.  Good luck with that. 

At least mine is in the privacy of my own room and this blog.  So glad the whole nation isn’t talking about it!

-The Mom