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I’m Not Ready Yet! March 12, 2009

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The Daughter is 12.  She has been 12 for 1 whole month.  That’s it.  One. Month.  And already everything is different.  Ever.y.thing!

Apparently, I was the only mom in the entire school district who didn’t let their 6th grader wear makeup.  And I was.  All of my friends have buckled to this campaign of breaking down the last bit of tween innocence.  I was holding down the no makeup zone all by myself.  So, I did what every proud role model does.  I caved.  I gave up.  I gave in.  I bought The Daughter makeup for her 12th birthday.  She doesn’t need it.  She’s the kind of gorgeous that you can’t even hate.  She looks like she came straight from Cleopatra via Kim Kardashian.  But sweeter.  And more innocent.  It makes me a little sad everytime she wears it.  Which, of course, is everyday.  But it makes her feel good.  She belongs again.

This has been the year of belonging.  Requirements:  Uggs, a Juicy Couture hoody, a cell phone, make up, 7 jeans.  Thank God for grandparents and Nordstrom Rack!  The Daughter now has one of each.  Not so much that she’s spoiled….oh no, she is a long way off from being spoiled.  Just enough so that she feels like she belongs.

I hate this part of growing up.  This belonging part.  But I remember wanting the same thing.  I remember that my mom, the ultimate rebel, didn’t want to make it a priority and it hurt my feelings.  So we save our money.  We go in halvsies.  We put things on our Christmas and Birthday lists.  We belong.

Only now there is a new requirment.  Facebook.  Once again, all my friends are starting to surrender.  One by one.  I worry about the ability for kids to hurt each other on FB.  I worry about how much faster and easier bad rumors spread.  I worry about how fragile reputations can easily be tarnished.  I worry about the in group/out group mentality of teens that was hard enough to deal with before the likes of texting and Facebook accounts.

So, what’s a mom to do?  This mom tossed and turned all last night.  Until finally I got out of my bed and went to hers.  She slept with me every single night for the first 3 years of her life.  It was the only way she would sleep.  I haven’t slept in the same bed as her since.    I curled up next to her and wept.  I’m not ready.  I’m not ready for her to be her own woman.  I’m not ready for her to encounter heart break and peer pressure.  I’m not ready to let her fight the battles that only she can fight.  Here’s my big problem though…..She is.  She is VERY ready.

So.  Again.  I ask.   What is a mom to do?  Anybody have any answers?  When did you or will you let your kids get a FB account?  How do you discern, as a parent, where the line is drawn between OK kind of belonging (clothes, curfew) and NOT OK kind of belonging (drinking, sex)?

Help a mom out……Hey! Is that a wrinkle hiding there behind the gray hair??

-The Mom


Twilight Zone January 30, 2009

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Early this morning or maybe late last night, I couldn’t sleep….or maybe I was half asleep…..or maybe, now that I think about it, I was completely asleep and dreaming all of this…

I don’t know, but I think I took a trip to the TWILIGHT ZONE.

As I lay in bed with my half sleep/full sleep/dream state going, my mind was wrapping itself around not one…….not two…..but three really FANTASTIC post ideas. Oh they were good….I mean really, really good. And….I was so proud of myself for having 3 days worth of posts all formulated in my pretty little noggin. All I was going to have to do was type them into my draft file and push “publish” and I was going to rule the blogosphere for Three. Whole. Days.

Then I woke up, got ready, dealt with the tragedy of the lost lunch box, dealt with the 2nd daily tragedy of the lost North Face, made lunch, breakfast, and snack, and put away the dishes from the dishwasher. I dropped off the carpool at the school….yelled silently at the lady that can’t figure out the stop, drop, and roll concept that is the beauty of the “drop off” lane at school, drove to work and then……the magnificence of the posts? E.VAP.OR.ATE.D. like mist from the clouds.   Poof.  Gone.   I can remember one title.  That’s it.   Just one.  Just one title.

My ruling of the blogosphere was so fast and furious that I bet you didn’t even know I was queen, did you?

That’s my reality.  Right there in a nutshell.

-The Mom


Pretty Mrs. Palin October 2, 2008

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So…. I’m hesitant in even mentioning politics here.  I will throw out the disclaimer that I am NOT announcing any support to any candidate.  I will say however, that Sarah Palin has had a bit of a ride over the past month and I kinda get it.

Last night I tossed and turned as I tried to hold panic at bay.  The news every day sounding worse and worse and more and more bleak certainly doesn’t help.  The Ex has not supported our children financially for the past year and the budget strain is getting overwhelming.  My house is on the market but I have hardly had any lookers much less any buyers.  I love what I do, and the times I make a placement, it is really, really successful.  I just don’t seem to make enough of them, which hinders my ability to increase my income.  My car needs to move on before it breaks down.  yada yada yada.

I tossed and turned and rode the waves of pressure that I am putting on myself.  Up and down and up and down.  Over and over thinking to myself “how did I get myself into this mess???!!!!” 

Around 3:30 in the morning I all of a sudden got really quiet.  For some reason it hit me.  Do you think Sarah Palin is doing the same thing???  I’ll bet she is.  I get it, Sarah.  I get it.  Good luck with that. 

At least mine is in the privacy of my own room and this blog.  So glad the whole nation isn’t talking about it!

-The Mom


Counting Sheep June 4, 2008

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 Recenlty I have had really bad sleep issues.  Whenever I tell anyone, they always have plenty of advice.  Here are some of the suggestions:

1.  Exercise more.  Actually trying this one.  Hasn’t worked yet.  Hopefully it will work soon.

2. Develop a routine.  This is great sounding in theory, but doesn’t work well in real life.  Sometimes the only opportunity I have to browse the web, read a book, talk to friends or family on the phone, etc is right before bed.

3.  Go to a sleep clinic.  OK….if you have problems sleeping and then you go to a strange place, sleep in a strange bed with electrode thingies stuck all over you….how restful do YOU think that is going to be?  How is that going to be a good indicator of what is wrong with me?????

4. Develop a mental mantra.  My Co-Worker says he “golfs” in his head every night.  He’s been doing this for years and now he never makes it past the first tee off.  I tried “swimming”.  This is how it went.  Stroke, Stroke, When am I going to get Laundry done, Stroke, Stroke, I need to get gas in the morning, Stroke, Stroke, I shouldn’t have been so cranky with the kids today, Stroke, Stroke.  Not Working.

5.  Chamomile tea.  Yeah, right.  NOT.

6.  Lots of alcohol.  My preferred choice.  Not really.  kinda.

7.  My other Co-Worker suggested melatonin.  It apparently helps regulate the circadian rhythm.  I need to give this one serious consideration.  Additional benefits too! 

What else should I consider?  If you have any great ideas, leave them for me in the comment section.

Hopefully I’ll be sleeping soon. 

-The Mom



Attack of the Zombie Mom May 28, 2008

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I’m currently on day #3 of the insomniatic jag.  You know it’s bad when you walk in a room and instead of Hey Co-Worker Lady!  you hear Hey! You Look Tired!  Yeah…that’s when you know you really, really need some shut eye.  Just in case you didn’t figure it out before work when you were biting off the head of the Littlest Sister because she was having difficulty spreading peanut butter on her sandwich.  Sorry Littlest One, Zombies like first grade heads for breakfast.

So, the girls on the recess playground at The School should be glad I’m not volunteering today!   Zombies also like devouring 5th grade SnobbyHeads for afternoon snacks!  It is always so relieving to exit that “Mean Girls” phase of life.  When I did however, I was naive to the fact that I’d have to go through it again via my kids.  Aren’t we supposed to live vicariously through them for good stuff…like all the things we wished we would have been (cheerleader, prom queen, straight A student) NOT all the things we hated the first time around???

Chin up Daughter!  You will overcome eventually.  At some point these girls run out of nasty energy and figure out that they aren’t any better than anyone else after all.  Well, at least they’re supposed to.

In the meantime, remember to pick up all the stuff on the stairs and in the family room before I return from work.  Maybe if we don’t feed the Zombie any more children, she will go away.

-The Mom


Sleepin’ the Day Away May 27, 2008

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There isn’t enough caffeine available to help me stay awake today.  Day 2 of my latest insomnia jag.  Would love to just lay my head down on my keyboard and sleep so hard that I don’t even care if I drool.  Instead I’ll pick up the phone and make more phone calls.

Starbucks anyone?

-The Mom