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Everyone Loves a Freebie! April 22, 2009

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I almost hate to share this little tidbit with anyone that may be still reading my little blog after my absence. BUT…..I love supporting my bloggy friends so, share I will do!

My friend The Headless Mom has started a new project that I love! Her debut post offers a freebie that pro’lly every single one of us could use at some point or another.

The thing I love the most? This is a product that I probably would not have the nerve to buy myself ‘cuz I wouldn’t want to risk it, but I would be really wishing I knew if I should be buying it or not.

Enter Headless Mom, stage left! HM tried this product….risked her very own clothes for it….and then wrote a review. Thanks Headless! Now, not only do I know that it is worth the dollars to go get my own, but there is an eency weeny teeny tiny chance that I might be the lucky recipient of my very own box FOR.FREE! You could have the same opportunity if you go check out her new site.

I won’t even hate you if you get it and I don’t. That’s friendship right there. Plus…..this is the internet so you won’t know if I’m looking at you all nasty.

-The Mom


Show and Share March 31, 2009

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I was going to write today about how I need to get motivated to increase the amount of exercise in my life….and by increase, of course I mean start.

But I am still too sick to do anything about that so instead I am sitting listlessly at my office desk going through all my favorite blogs and thought I’d share….

I’ve collected many over the last several months.  Some people collect china plates, some collect thimbles, some collect stamps….I’ve been collecting blogs.

I started collecting blogs with authors by the name of Jenny, Jen, Jenn, Jennifer…..but I have added many that also reflect some of my interests.

The Adventures of the Headless Family The first blog I ever commented on that I got a response back!  Headless Mom is a great gal and has always encouraged me with my blog.  I hope to cross paths with her this summer.

Where’s my Damn Answer The crazy ladies here actually asked little ole me to do a guest blog.  They have a mixed bag of stuff, always funny or smart or interesting.

Dealing With Life is my funny new friend making her way through life’s stuff.

The NieNie Dialogues is the amazing story about a mom with 4 kids…she has been part of the blogging community forever but was involved in a terrible plane accident last August.  Read this with a tissue and prepare to be inspired.

Jenny On The Spot is hilarious, and glittery, and the President of the Dance Party and Facebook.

Chased by Children is written by a snarky midwestern broad who I admire and love reading.

Barefoot Foodie should not be read while drinking and you can’t be the type that is easily offended by language or irreverance in general.  If you like to laugh however?  Go now!

The Petersons Go Public is written by a brave, lovely gal who is a fantastically creative writer.

In Three Words is a new site by an established blogger….great concept…interesting results.

For Homeward Bound inspiration I read…..

A Soft Place to Land

Nesting Place

Freckles Chick

Our Suburban Cottage

The Lettered Cottage

My Sweet Savannah

All great places to be inspired to make your own great place!

When I’m stuck on what to make for dinner…..

Ten Minutes to Digest

Bake at 350

Dozen Flours

Smitten Kitchen

OK….so not all of those are for dinner ideas….what?

This gal is going to help me clean out and spiff up my closet

Caridgan Empire

This is by no means my whole collection….and I don’t comment on all of these blogs….on some of them I comment every time they post….some of them I strickly lurk…..but I love them all.

Hope you are fairing this start of spring better than I…..The Daughter just called me as she came home from school….now she’s sick too  😦

-The Mom


Apple Pie in a Bag February 25, 2009

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I thought I’d share one of my favorite parenting tips with ya’ll today.  I threw that ya’ll in just for my Grandmother….I’ll talk about her tomorrow so make sure you come back!

This idea developed because for a long time anything food related that was wholesome and natural…you know like fruits or veggies…..were completely rejected by The Daughter.  Thankfully she’s grown out of that stage!  This little treat still comes in handy though because right now The Littlest either has a bunch of holes in her mouth or teeth that are ready to fall out to make new holes in her mouth.

For school lunches or snacks I take my apple corer/slicer thing-a-ma-jiggy (you know…the one that cuts the core and 8 wedges of apple) and pound it through slice the apple.  Then I stick it in a ziploc baggie and splash it with a few drops of lemon juice.  I sprinkle in some cinammon and a scant little bit of sugar (sometimes I eliminate that step but don’t tell the kids!).  Then I shake it all up.

By the time the kids eat it at snack or lunch, all the flavors have permeated the apple slices and they taste just like apple pie!

Bonus: The kids can’t tell if the apple slices have browned at all….which is a very good way to avoid fruit rejection.

Try it….you’ll like it!

-The Mom


Pick a Little January 22, 2009

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My mom had a great tradition that I have carried over into my own family. She, like I am now, was a working mom who for a couple of years also went to graduate classes at night for her Masters in Special Education. Although she is an amazing cook, even she would get sick of the “what’s for dinner?” grind. It was at the end of those long days or on a busy weekend that we would have “pick a little” meals. They’re my answer to the end of the long day too. Here’s how it works….open the fridge and find the bits and pieces of stuff from other meals or the last of the lunch meat, maybe one lone apple. Then you throw open the pantry door and pull out rolls or crackers and you put it all in the middle of the table. Every one picks a little of this and a little of that until they’re full. The best part? You clean out your Fridge too!

What are your favorite dining traditions?

-The Mom


Word of Mouth Monday January 12, 2009

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The Purse Hook!
purse hook

purse hook

I’m not always ready to be dialed into Kelly’s Word of Mouth Monday… but today I’m ready.  A co-worker gave me one of these nifty little gadgets for Christmas and I have to say…I love it!  I HATE dealing with my purse on my lap and I shudder to put it on the ground in a bar or restaurant.  This bad boy is cute and takes care of my purse problems!  Click on the link below to find cute ones on etsy…and they are a great price to boot…..if you are the thinking ahead kind of type….Mother’s Day is coming or what about a Valentine’s Day gift for your teenage daughters?


-The Mom


Me so Pretty! September 30, 2008

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My gal pals on the ‘net are all adither about this lovely freebie! (click. Now.  Hurry!)

Go check it out …..just click on the link above……and see if you can win one too!

This is my heart’s desire

Thank you handbagplanet.com!  And thanks to Serenity Now! for the head’s up!  Now that’s a good friend!

-The Mom