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Knock, Knock….Who’s There? March 3, 2009

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Like many people, I have a Facebook account.  Do you have one?  I love meeting up with old friends.  It’s been so wonderful re-connecting and seeing the daily updates.  I love that we can be in such instant contact with thoughts, pictures, sending little gifts, etc, etc,….you know the drill.

Yesterday I posted a youtube video regarding Facebook.  If you didn’t watch it already, go ahead and take a look.  It’s funny.  I’ll wait……..

Ya back?  I don’t usually poke people on Facebook before I contact them like the guy in the video did.  I always see that option.  Do you use it?  But somebody has been poking me lately.  I haven’t been answering.

Do you ever do that?  Ignore certain friend requests?  Or invites?  Or pokes?  I do.  Sometimes it’s because I don’t really remember a person.  Or because it is someone I know through work and I don’t really want share my life with them on that level.  I mean, I brazenly posted a picture of myself on vacation….in my BIKINI!!!!  Not really needed for the viewing pleasure of every technical consultant that I might network with professionally.

Anyway, like I said, I have this friend that has been poking me.  Waiting for me to accept their friend invite.  This is someone that is actually a friend IRL.  This person has always been there for me.  Always been a source of strength when I’m sad or lonely.  Always been there to rejoice in a triumph or  joyful day.  Everything I am as a person I owe to this friend.  But I have been holding back for a couple of years.

My relationship with this friend has kind of been hard for me.  Sometimes I am totally into this friendship and devote a lot of time to it and other times I put it on the back burner.  With the difficulties of the past couple of years, I just wasn’t getting what I wanted out of the deal so I’ve been ignoring this friend.  But I feel them poking me and it’s as if the knock on the door is getting louder and louder.

I can’t ignore it anymore.  So, it’s time.  It’s time to rekindle this relationship.  It’s time to spend some effort and enjoy the comfort and compassion this friend always has for me.  It’s time to once again share my whole life with this friend and not just think about it when it’s convenient for me.  I know my friend wants to look at the bikini picture, yes even that one, and the pictures of my kids.  I know my friend is anxious to be a part of all the good things that are happening in my life as well as be there for all the hard things too.  So, I’m adding my friend to the top of my friends list.

Say hi to my friend.  His name is Jesus.

-The Mom