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Show and Share March 31, 2009

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I was going to write today about how I need to get motivated to increase the amount of exercise in my life….and by increase, of course I mean start.

But I am still too sick to do anything about that so instead I am sitting listlessly at my office desk going through all my favorite blogs and thought I’d share….

I’ve collected many over the last several months.  Some people collect china plates, some collect thimbles, some collect stamps….I’ve been collecting blogs.

I started collecting blogs with authors by the name of Jenny, Jen, Jenn, Jennifer…..but I have added many that also reflect some of my interests.

The Adventures of the Headless Family The first blog I ever commented on that I got a response back!  Headless Mom is a great gal and has always encouraged me with my blog.  I hope to cross paths with her this summer.

Where’s my Damn Answer The crazy ladies here actually asked little ole me to do a guest blog.  They have a mixed bag of stuff, always funny or smart or interesting.

Dealing With Life is my funny new friend making her way through life’s stuff.

The NieNie Dialogues is the amazing story about a mom with 4 kids…she has been part of the blogging community forever but was involved in a terrible plane accident last August.  Read this with a tissue and prepare to be inspired.

Jenny On The Spot is hilarious, and glittery, and the President of the Dance Party and Facebook.

Chased by Children is written by a snarky midwestern broad who I admire and love reading.

Barefoot Foodie should not be read while drinking and you can’t be the type that is easily offended by language or irreverance in general.  If you like to laugh however?  Go now!

The Petersons Go Public is written by a brave, lovely gal who is a fantastically creative writer.

In Three Words is a new site by an established blogger….great concept…interesting results.

For Homeward Bound inspiration I read…..

A Soft Place to Land

Nesting Place

Freckles Chick

Our Suburban Cottage

The Lettered Cottage

My Sweet Savannah

All great places to be inspired to make your own great place!

When I’m stuck on what to make for dinner…..

Ten Minutes to Digest

Bake at 350

Dozen Flours

Smitten Kitchen

OK….so not all of those are for dinner ideas….what?

This gal is going to help me clean out and spiff up my closet

Caridgan Empire

This is by no means my whole collection….and I don’t comment on all of these blogs….on some of them I comment every time they post….some of them I strickly lurk…..but I love them all.

Hope you are fairing this start of spring better than I…..The Daughter just called me as she came home from school….now she’s sick too  😦

-The Mom


Make Me Laugh Monday February 9, 2009

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I am so glad that my friend Jenny brightens up Mondays with her Make Me Laugh features. Otherwise, Mondays are just Mediocre.

Once again, I’m gonna share a little video for my bit of funny for the day. OK, so maybe it’s not so funny, but it is totally cool.

I think I’m gonna have my girls work up a routine and I’ll get all stage mom on them on the sidewalks downtown while we pass out a hat.

If you see us down at Pike’s Market do stop to say hello and leave your lunch money.

-The Mom

P.S.  Jenny…I hope that helped your dilemma 🙂


Another quickie! February 4, 2009

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I loves me a brainless, funny chick flick with all the top girlie talent in it and that’s why I’m looking forward to the release of “He’s Not that Into You”. This is just the kind of film that a girl needs sometimes, ya know?

No body makin’ ya think too hard….no crying….no car crashes….just silliness.

Right now, too celebrate the new release, Jenny on the Spot is offering a great giveaway!

GO! Go Now! Leave a comment! Don’t! You might win a CD! Leave it alone, it’s mine! And a hoodie! Forget about it!

Truly….go check out Jenny…she’s a hoot and a hottie and she’ll make you smile.

-The Mom


A Little Help from my Friends February 3, 2009

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I found this today on Where’s My Damn Answer? and just HAD to re-post it here as a follow up to my post yesterday.

Thanks for making my work easy ladies!  🙂  Friends? 🙂 Here, Have a glass of wine 🙂

Anyway, I’m sure this explains the sleep sports injuries I’ve been suffering!

-The Mom


Fabulous and Forty! November 5, 2008

That’s right!  I’ve chosen to be fabulous today as I officially turn 40.  What a day to start a new decade!  The first minority individual was just elected to be our next president.  What a fabulous moment to witness!  Regardless of one’s political persuasion, I hope we can all appreciate and celebrate that the glass ceiling was broken!  He spoke of hope and challenge and opportunity.  Words that apply to my next decade politically, professionally, emotionally, and spiritually.

On my Soul Coaching journey today I am to affirm the phrase: I love and accept who I am and who I am is enough.  I can’t think of better words for today.  It is hard sometimes to embrace these “milestone” birthdays.  I certainly have many reasons to feel like I’m not where I should be this year.  If you had asked me about it last week, those reasons were surrounding me with loud voices.  However, I ended the month at work with my most successful numbers yet.  I overcame a family and emotional challenge this past weekend with triumph and the love and support of my children.  I see that my life is full of friends and family that love me and cheer for me.  I realize that I am right where I need to be.  I am exactly where my life meant for me to be.  And you know what?  I am really fabulous! 

So, where am I?  I am standing on the threshold of an exciting tomorrow.  A place where I can see professional success, emotional freedom, spiritual growth, and physical health and beauty.  I see that regardless of gray skies and storm clouds, there is warmth and sunlight.  I can see that my path is well lit by a God who loves me.  He loves me for who I am right now.  He loves me for who I will be.  If I can focus on how I feel today, if I can always try to meditate on the empowerment of this moment, then I know without doubt that I will be ok.  I will be more than ok.  I will be fabulous.

Happy Birthday Me!

-The Mom


Don’t Go Breaking My Heart October 28, 2008

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I sat there in the Middle School Media Room trying not to let a tear actually roll down my face.  It wasn’t easy.  The Daughter was standing up there with many girls that I have known since kindergarten.  Some of them we’ve known since preschool.  They were singing in their first choral performance of the year.  They were amazing!  They were composed and BE.AUT.TI.FUL.  They sang with joy and maturity and it was truly an enjoyable performance.  Big kudos should go out to the Choir Director who has done an amazing job with the 6 weeks they’ve been in school.  I’m serious!  These kids ROCKED! 

I remember many years ago at the wedding of one of my cousins, my mother said to me that she realized that when someone gets married or has a baby we often cry.  Her realization was that those tears came from our hearts breaking…..breaking apart so that they could become bigger to accomodate a new family member, a new life. 

When I watch my Daughter my heart often breaks.  It breaks because it has to get bigger.  It has to get bigger to accommodate my love and my pride for who she is.

You amaze me, my Dear One.  To see you take on this year and shine the way you are.  Academically, emotionally….you are more than impressive.  You are my pride.  You like to tease me for being so teary.  Now you know….it’s just me making more room.

-The Mom


Me! Me! Me! Me! October 1, 2008

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Yeah!  My first meme!  How is this pronounced anyway?  Mee-mee?  May-may? Meh-Meh? Anywhoo, I got tagged from my friend the The Headless Mom

And here we go….

6 non-important things about me

1) My hair grows really fast.  Great when you get a bad cut….which I never get from my wonderful Daniella!

2) Oh, this one is kind of embarrasing..I have the worst habit of scratching the inside of my ear with the rounded part of a bobbie pin.  Hey!  Don’t judge too harshly…I have exzema in there and sometimes there is nothing else that will cure that itch!

3) I can talk a lot of technology, but I don’t really know anything I talk about 🙂  I’m a technical recruiter!

4) My right eye is bigger than the left.  The Daughter is afraid I’m scaring you with this information so she wants me to clarify that it is only slightly bigger.

5) I was once able to dream in Spanish.  I had just returned from a summer in Ecuador where my host family wouldn’t speak any English to me.

6) I love to make jewelry

TAG!!  You’re IT!


1. Link to the person that tagged you
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5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged by commenting on their blog
6. Let your tagger know when your entry is up

I choose:

Girl gossip

Jenny on The Spot

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Go on now!  Shoo!  Go visit my these gals…..you’ll love them


-The Mom