I’m OK, You’re OK

Somedays that’s all we need to know

Fabulous and Forty! November 5, 2008

That’s right!  I’ve chosen to be fabulous today as I officially turn 40.  What a day to start a new decade!  The first minority individual was just elected to be our next president.  What a fabulous moment to witness!  Regardless of one’s political persuasion, I hope we can all appreciate and celebrate that the glass ceiling was broken!  He spoke of hope and challenge and opportunity.  Words that apply to my next decade politically, professionally, emotionally, and spiritually.

On my Soul Coaching journey today I am to affirm the phrase: I love and accept who I am and who I am is enough.  I can’t think of better words for today.  It is hard sometimes to embrace these “milestone” birthdays.  I certainly have many reasons to feel like I’m not where I should be this year.  If you had asked me about it last week, those reasons were surrounding me with loud voices.  However, I ended the month at work with my most successful numbers yet.  I overcame a family and emotional challenge this past weekend with triumph and the love and support of my children.  I see that my life is full of friends and family that love me and cheer for me.  I realize that I am right where I need to be.  I am exactly where my life meant for me to be.  And you know what?  I am really fabulous! 

So, where am I?  I am standing on the threshold of an exciting tomorrow.  A place where I can see professional success, emotional freedom, spiritual growth, and physical health and beauty.  I see that regardless of gray skies and storm clouds, there is warmth and sunlight.  I can see that my path is well lit by a God who loves me.  He loves me for who I am right now.  He loves me for who I will be.  If I can focus on how I feel today, if I can always try to meditate on the empowerment of this moment, then I know without doubt that I will be ok.  I will be more than ok.  I will be fabulous.

Happy Birthday Me!

-The Mom