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Pick a Little January 22, 2009

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My mom had a great tradition that I have carried over into my own family. She, like I am now, was a working mom who for a couple of years also went to graduate classes at night for her Masters in Special Education. Although she is an amazing cook, even she would get sick of the “what’s for dinner?” grind. It was at the end of those long days or on a busy weekend that we would have “pick a little” meals. They’re my answer to the end of the long day too. Here’s how it works….open the fridge and find the bits and pieces of stuff from other meals or the last of the lunch meat, maybe one lone apple. Then you throw open the pantry door and pull out rolls or crackers and you put it all in the middle of the table. Every one picks a little of this and a little of that until they’re full. The best part? You clean out your Fridge too!

What are your favorite dining traditions?

-The Mom


Word of Mouth Tuesday… September 24, 2008

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OK!  Ok!  Ok.  I have been a terrible particpant in this blog.  I will post about that another time.  Today I was inspired by another blogger to de-lurk and re-engage.  Why?   It’s my favorite season….crockpot season!  The Daughter will tell you that now that school and fall have set in, there will be many days when the warm, savory smell of dinner will wrap its cozy arms around her when she walks in the door after school.  Our favorite is this…..and it is So. Easy!!!!!

One whole chicken, salted and peppered

One whole onion cut into wedges

One whole lemon cut into wedges

One bottle of Italian salad dressing

Just stick everything in the crockpot and go!

The chicken will fall off the bones when you get home.  It’s great over rice, in a sandwich, or just on its own!




The Mom