I’m OK, You’re OK

Somedays that’s all we need to know

ACHOO! March 25, 2009

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Throat closing….head pounding…..that’s how I feel today.

But I want to say HI to all the new friends from Where’s My Damn Answer! These lovely ladies asked me to write a guest post over on their blog. If you’re not familiar…..go check them out…they are a great group of gals with lots of fun things to talk about….food, exercise, giggles…it’s all there. Bring your glass of wine or shot of tequila and settle in for some good reads. Oh, and today I have asked the group to help me with a very important question. Go put in your two cents…I need your help too!

In the meantime, I will be snuggled into bed hiding out until this cold goes away.

-The Mom


The Yuckies March 10, 2009

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The human body should not be allowed to get so violently ill…..

Just saying.

More later

-The Mom


Get Your Red On! February 6, 2009

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Tomorrow is National Wear Red Day. Heart disease is one of the biggest killer of women. When we think of heart disease we usually imagine the cast of SNL sitting around a table making jokes about Da’ Bears.

Instead, we should think of our mothers, our sisters, our aunts, ourselves.


Wear Red tomorrow……and take care of your heart.

❤ The Mom


A Little Help from my Friends February 3, 2009

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I found this today on Where’s My Damn Answer? and just HAD to re-post it here as a follow up to my post yesterday.

Thanks for making my work easy ladies!  🙂  Friends? 🙂 Here, Have a glass of wine 🙂

Anyway, I’m sure this explains the sleep sports injuries I’ve been suffering!

-The Mom


Jenny’s Make Me Laugh Monday February 2, 2009

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When I got to work this morning, the office was near empty….just me and our rockin’ office manager (ROM).

ROM and I were discussing our weekend and we realized we both were suffering from some serious muscle issues in our necks and backs.

ROM and I, apparently, had both been participating in the same sporting activities over the weekend and we were both very sore as after effects.

Sleep is my sport of choice. I’ll have to post my playlist for my favorite songs to play for my slumber workout. If you’re gonna have sports injuries…then you are into your sport enough for an iPod playlist, right?

You know, those sleep injuries can be painful! Like when you pull a muscle in your neck ‘cuz you slept all wrong??

I suffer from sleep injuries on a regular basis due to my mad sleep skills.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for sleep injury relief.

Is this really all that funny or just really, really sad?

To find some really funny stuff, go visit my friend Jenny at Jennyonthespot.com

-The Mom


The Great Boob Smash Adventure of 2009 January 13, 2009

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Oh yes…..I am a fully inducted member of the 40 and over crowd that dutifully monitors their breast health!

You know, if you haven’t done this yet, you really should. Forget all the stories you hear….the x-ray tech told me that one of her patients said it was worse than natural child birth….now, c’mon, really??? Have you ever given birth to the greatest love of your life without meds? I have! Twice! Can I just tell you……you can’t even compare that to the very mild, non humiliating experience that I had yesterday during the pancake test.

I mean, I never even howled like a primitive beast from the netherworld! I never was embarrassed about what I looked like or how many people were coming in to observe all my goodies. Just me and the female tech! And I just walked right out of that x-ray room and on to the rest of my day. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. No need to stretch out or ice down afterwards. Just the wonderful inner peace of knowing that I’m taking care of little ole’ me.

I did bring my camera with me and I was gonna take pics so you all could see how benign an ordeal it really is but the tech looked at me as if I had fallen straight out of the sky from Planet Looney Tunes.  Besides, it may have just been TMI anyway.  It wasn’t nearly the flattening that I had expected.  I had girlfriends that told me they were going to squeeze my 34Ds until they were flat like a pancake, which was truly a frightening thought for me.  I mean, would they be spilling all over the smasher shelf????  I wondered how long it would take for my girls to return to a normal shape after such a thing.  That isn’t what happens at all.  Yes, you get a little compressed, but only a little.  For me it wasn’t even uncomfortable for a minute.  They do say that each woman has a different experience but I wonder if we don’t hype ourselves up and then feel something that we truly only conjure up in our own heads.

I’m tellin’ ya…there are a lot of other things I would rather NOT do for 15 minutes!

So come on gals!  Get your boob smash adventure on and get that mammogram this year!

-The Mom


The Pull of the Tides November 26, 2008

The Soul Coaching group is affirming that we are in harmony with the natural rhythms of life.  I remember when I was in college, my mom was researching bio-rhythms.  She asked me if I ever noticed that at the end of every year I go through a “funk”.  Hmmm…..I hadn’t, but she was absolutely right.  The weird thing is that fall is my favorite season.  I love watching the trees turn colors and the crispness that comes in the air.  I love the need for a fire in the hearth and a warm cup of soup.  I love that fall brings football season (even though this season has been a complete bust if you are a fan of any team that plays in the state of Washington!). 

My significant other pointed out this morning that I am being very resistant to spending time with family over the holiday.  As I considered today’s reading, I had to admit that he was right.  I am feeling that fall funk and wanting to control things by being mopey.  It’s not a very constructive way of dealing with my funk but it is my default setting.  So, I will shake it off and realize that sometimes being in tune with the tides of nature doesn’t always mean submitting to them but respecting, accepting and then choosing action.

I guess that means I’ll be going to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Seattle bright and early on Friday morning with the rest of my family …..yuckcan’t wait!

-The Mom