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Turn Around Bright Eyes November 10, 2008

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What a wonderful weekend…quiet, relaxing, bonding…just perfect.  I listened to the waves of Puget Sound roll against the shore and closed my eyes and lifted my face to feel the misty raindrops falling.  I was surrounded by water!  It was refreshing and cleansing and grounding.

When I got back home in my mailbox was a late birthday card from my favorite aunt.  In it she wrote “women have a very specific kind of courage that enables them to fling themselves into the open sea”.  How amazing was that on our first day of Water week?!  Her sentiment mirrored what I have been finding in my own heart lately.  Courage and Bravery and Risk and Endless Possibility. 

Today in Soul Coaching we were asked to examine the turning points of our lives and what kinds of emotions we associate with those times.  Here are a few of mine:

  • My family’s move from Illinois to California when I was 10
  • Spending a summer as an exchange student in Ecuador
  • Putting myself through college
  • Getting divorced

Each of those times, and the other turning points that I haven’t mentioned, took courage and bravery and risk.  They also involved many different emotions.  I notice a pattern however of aloneness.  Is that a word?  Not loneliness…Alone-ness.  The two seem different to me.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  Was I alone because I didn’t want to let anyone in?  Do I just thrive off independence?  I notice that I’m not super connected to my community and my community often changes.  I tend to maintain a very small group of loved ones.  This is something I will have to continue to think about.

On a positive side, my mission statement is beginning to form:

My purpose is to strive to be the best that I can be in every moment (that doesn’t mean perfect, just the best I can be right then).  To live each day with intent and do everything with purpose.  To create an environment for my daughters and myself that is stable, positive, and centered.  To always seek that feminine courage that allows me to fling myself to the open sea.  To love with an open and accepting heart.

It’s a start anyway!

-The Mom


Do You Believe in Magic? November 7, 2008

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I have felt a wonderful rush this past week as I’ve started decluttering my heart and mind on my Soul Coaching journey.  Today’s affirmation resounds:  I am safe and centered no matter where I am.  The ups and downs, twists and turns of the past year have wrought havoc on my inner self.  Yet, as I really become aware of the place that I’m in, I see that the chaos was not from within me.  Everything in my heart, everything in my home has actually been safe.    The havoc came from the outside and I allowed it to enter.  Over the past 6 days, I have focused on releasing the clutter that came with the chaos.  I absolutely feel lighter.  I feel more solid on my foundation.  I am ready for all the magic…all the possibility….that can come in and fill up those spaces that chaos once filled. 

There are still troubling events, hurdles to overcome, emotions to work through.  But the fear is gone, the lack of confidence is subsiding.  I am finding my authentic self again.  This is exactly what I had hoped that this process would bring.

I am happy to be able to end the week at the BeachHouse on Whidbey Island.  It is a place of peace and serentity.  We always see amazing creation when we are there….sea lions, eagles, mountains, water.  It is definitely my retreat, my safe place.  This weekend it will just be the girls and I.  I can’t wait for just some mom and daughter time!  It has been a busy and emotional week and the three of us are much in need of a quiet weekend of stormy beach walks, reading by the fire, walking through the cute seaside town of Langley and talking into the night.  I love knowing that the environment I create for me, is their environment as well and we are safe and centered and loved by a God that watches over us.

This will be the view from our window this weekend…..sunsetatwhidbey1 Can you feel the magic?

The Mom