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Have You Seen My Head? March 13, 2009

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I’m in a cold sweat this morning my internet friends!  I have an unexpected visitor headed to my house today and it (my home) is a disaster.

My wonderful mother, who for some reason insists on only calling my landline, left me a message reminding me that she was arriving this weekend.  Mmmm WHAT!!!!???????

Two problems….

1)  I don’t use my landline and usually forget to check for messages there.

2) I don’t remember planning this weekend with my mother.  AT. ALL.

So, I am plotting how on earth I will get home before she arrives and sweep and mop and clean bathrooms and vaccum before she can land on my doorstep.   Now, thankfully I have a sister who lives locally that picked up dear old mom at the airport last night and they are spending the day together today.  Lest my little sister think I’m a complete doof…I carefully crafted a schedule that will give me exactly 1 hour to get my tornado under wraps without letting on that I had NO IDEA that mom was in town this weekend.  Can’t tarnish the reputation, ya know.

The big monkey wrench is the grocery shopping.  Two very necessary supplies must always be on hand during a MOM visit.

1) Cheetos

2) white wine

Neither of which are in my house unless she is there.  I’m more of a red wine and cheese and cracker girl.  I also have to get dinner supplies, and breakfast supplies. Hmmmm…..I might have to rope in S.O. (significant other) for that one!

So, Where am I?  At work!  What am I doing?  Writing a blog post!  Neither of which gets me one step closer to the arrival of mom.  Does this add up to any common sense?  Well, probably to all you other bloggers. 🙂

Happy Weekend!

-The Mom


2 Responses to “Have You Seen My Head?”

  1. Headless Mom Says:

    Welcome to my world!

    Ha ha. Just kidding. Hope you had fun, and I’m sure all ended up well.

    • meandmom Says:

      I didn’t even think of that before! HAHA! Yes, I stepped into Headless Universe for a minute 🙂 We did have a great weekend (outside of The Daughter getting the 24 hour flu) and no one was the wiser 🙂

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