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Show and Share March 31, 2009

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I was going to write today about how I need to get motivated to increase the amount of exercise in my life….and by increase, of course I mean start.

But I am still too sick to do anything about that so instead I am sitting listlessly at my office desk going through all my favorite blogs and thought I’d share….

I’ve collected many over the last several months.  Some people collect china plates, some collect thimbles, some collect stamps….I’ve been collecting blogs.

I started collecting blogs with authors by the name of Jenny, Jen, Jenn, Jennifer…..but I have added many that also reflect some of my interests.

The Adventures of the Headless Family The first blog I ever commented on that I got a response back!  Headless Mom is a great gal and has always encouraged me with my blog.  I hope to cross paths with her this summer.

Where’s my Damn Answer The crazy ladies here actually asked little ole me to do a guest blog.  They have a mixed bag of stuff, always funny or smart or interesting.

Dealing With Life is my funny new friend making her way through life’s stuff.

The NieNie Dialogues is the amazing story about a mom with 4 kids…she has been part of the blogging community forever but was involved in a terrible plane accident last August.  Read this with a tissue and prepare to be inspired.

Jenny On The Spot is hilarious, and glittery, and the President of the Dance Party and Facebook.

Chased by Children is written by a snarky midwestern broad who I admire and love reading.

Barefoot Foodie should not be read while drinking and you can’t be the type that is easily offended by language or irreverance in general.  If you like to laugh however?  Go now!

The Petersons Go Public is written by a brave, lovely gal who is a fantastically creative writer.

In Three Words is a new site by an established blogger….great concept…interesting results.

For Homeward Bound inspiration I read…..

A Soft Place to Land

Nesting Place

Freckles Chick

Our Suburban Cottage

The Lettered Cottage

My Sweet Savannah

All great places to be inspired to make your own great place!

When I’m stuck on what to make for dinner…..

Ten Minutes to Digest

Bake at 350

Dozen Flours

Smitten Kitchen

OK….so not all of those are for dinner ideas….what?

This gal is going to help me clean out and spiff up my closet

Caridgan Empire

This is by no means my whole collection….and I don’t comment on all of these blogs….on some of them I comment every time they post….some of them I strickly lurk…..but I love them all.

Hope you are fairing this start of spring better than I…..The Daughter just called me as she came home from school….now she’s sick too  😦

-The Mom


make me laugh – dave and joaquin March 30, 2009

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I have been saving this for a while….waiting for the perfect Monday to post it.  Well….I don’t know if this is the perfect Monday….I’m still sick, the sky is gray AGAIN, I didn’t get any chores done this weekend…..but it IS still Monday and Jenny’s got more goods to make you laugh today.

I loves me some good crazy….it makes my world feel more normal 🙂

-The Mom


Bragging Rights….And The Oscar Goes To…. March 27, 2009

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The Littlest doesn’t get a ton of press on this old blog as it started out as a project for The Daughter and I. But the Littlest was a major supporting character in the stage production of Shrek at her school and I’m gonna be a proper stage mom and show her off! Look how cute  I am! she is!  Don’t worry….I won’t take up your whole morning with the show….just her first appearance! I made it pretty easy for you to figure out which actor is the real star….

Happy Friday!

-The Mom


To Be or Not To Be March 26, 2009

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Angry that is.   My shrink is trying to convince me to stop being angry at the ex.  The ex that isn’t contributing to the finances right now….or for the past year.  The ex that didn’t show up to our family counseling session.  The ex that has yet to give The Daughter a birthday present.  The ex that tries to play all high and mighty with me regarding his visitation with the girls.  The ex that allows his girlfriend to discipline the girls when they are in his home.  The ex that closed down his business so he could file for support modification.  The ex that is costing me huge amounts of money in legal fees.

But I am angry.  I am angry that he continues to try to control me through the girls.  I am angry that he has the audacity to talk down to me and yell at me when I’m the one that keeps the girls clothed and fed and housed.  I am angry that he hurts them by his selfishness.  I am angry that he leaves me to care for their financial needs all by myself.

I don’t dwell in my anger.  But if I have to think about it or discuss it, it rises to the surface very quickly.   To be really honest, I feel like if I let go of my anger, it will be letting him get away with his behavior.  I want him held accountable.  I don’t know how to walk away from that need.

I realize that my children shouldn’t see my anger and I really try hard to not put any focus on it.  The reality of the situation is that they have a crumb of a dad.  They know it.  I know it.  I try not to stand in the way of their relationship with their dad, but I also struggle with the idea that they might be developing unhealthy ideas about what love is.  I don’t want them to think that they have to accept his bad behavior just because they share his DNA.

For more than 20 years I tried to figure out how to have a relationship with my dad who also financially abandoned me.  I don’t count on him for financial support now, but the same selfish choices that led him to ignore my financial needs as a kid are the one that cause him to emotionally abandon me now.  Oh how I would love to shield my girls from a lifetime of banging their heads against a wall.  I don’t suppose I can though.

That makes me angry too.

-The Mom


ACHOO! March 25, 2009

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Throat closing….head pounding…..that’s how I feel today.

But I want to say HI to all the new friends from Where’s My Damn Answer! These lovely ladies asked me to write a guest post over on their blog. If you’re not familiar…..go check them out…they are a great group of gals with lots of fun things to talk about….food, exercise, giggles…it’s all there. Bring your glass of wine or shot of tequila and settle in for some good reads. Oh, and today I have asked the group to help me with a very important question. Go put in your two cents…I need your help too!

In the meantime, I will be snuggled into bed hiding out until this cold goes away.

-The Mom


amazing but nobody’s happy March 23, 2009

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I love funny and poignant at the same time.  And I don’t know about you, but I think Monday is a great day to not take myself so seriously and remember how grand life really is……

Happy Monday!  Go check out Jenny’s other funny stuff at Jenny On The Spot!

-The Mom


From There to Here March 18, 2009

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Four years ago today I met a man that would change my life.

It was the first date I had been on in 18 years. That makes me sound old….I’m not really that old.

I was scared. I was nervous. I had no idea what to expect.

He was sweet. And quiet. And interesting. He made me laugh.

There was an instant connection. An instant feeling of security. An instant comfort.

I didn’t go looking for my next “forever” man that night. But I found him anyway. I would never have expected it….honestly, I didn’t even want that.

What do you do when you find the love you’re meant to have even when you aren’t ready for it?

The last 4 years have been full of adventures. The good kind and the bad. We still love each other. Even when he makes me angry, I still want to be with him. Even though I drive him crazy, he can’t bring himself to go.

Now we are trying to figure out what happens next and how to go about the doing of the next. Blending families is a tricky thing and calls for slow, steady movements.

I’m still scared. I’m still nervous. I’m still in love.

Funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same.

-The Mom