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Make Me Laugh Monday February 9, 2009

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I am so glad that my friend Jenny brightens up Mondays with her Make Me Laugh features. Otherwise, Mondays are just Mediocre.

Once again, I’m gonna share a little video for my bit of funny for the day. OK, so maybe it’s not so funny, but it is totally cool.

I think I’m gonna have my girls work up a routine and I’ll get all stage mom on them on the sidewalks downtown while we pass out a hat.

If you see us down at Pike’s Market do stop to say hello and leave your lunch money.

-The Mom

P.S.  Jenny…I hope that helped your dilemma 🙂


2 Responses to “Make Me Laugh Monday”

  1. Jenn (with 2 ns)… mercy, lady! It did help my dilemma! Not only did it make me laugh, I got a bit of a dancing fix as well:) heeheee… never thought to use my eyebrows!

    Also… if I see at Pike’s Place, I’ll leave my coffee money for sure! Also, be sure to get it on video so you can vlog it! LOL!!!

  2. Someone's Mother Says:

    OMG! How in the world do they keep a straight face while doing that/????????? Hysterical!

    If I get to Pikes again (LOL) soon, I’ll leave you oodles of moolah!

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