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I was at Whidby! February 2, 2009

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 This weekend I went up to beutiful Whidby island and it was ssssoooooo fun!  We got there at like eleven thirty so we went straight to bed.  Then we all woke up at like 11 and went to Langly, this cute little town right by where the beach house. We walked around and went to an art gallery, a jewlery shop, a little store where the Littlest got a journal that she is now in love with and won’t let ANYONE look at, and we went to a knitting shop where I got a ball of yarn and I am knitting a scarf with it.  Then we got home and ate hamburgers.  Today we basically woke up, cleaned, and left…. But we woke up late again.  And we ate breakfast.  So now I’m home and I’m telling you about my weekend…..   So yea…  That was my amazing weekend at Whidby.


2 Responses to “I was at Whidby!”

  1. Harmony Says:

    Sounds like an amazing weekend! I’m jealous, I spent the whole weekend sick in bed! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Someone's Mother Says:

    I love it there! 🙂 Hubby took me on the way to Portownsend in 2003…we just took our time and took in the sites…it’s so beautiful!

    I’m glad you all had fun. I suppose we need to go back. All of hubbys family is in that area…

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