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God Bless America January 20, 2009

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As most of you did, I watched the inauguration today with pride and hope for our nation. I feel blessed that I was able to witness this day. Let us never downplay the importance of electing our first minority president. I’ve heard many ask why does there have to be a focus on it at all? In one way they are right….we should be beyond racial concerns. The fact is, though, that we are not. There are too many Americans who can still remember when they weren’t allowed to drink from a certain fountain, sit in a particular movie theater, or swim in a certain pool.

Today we finally live what we speak. We are united and free, all equal, all represented. I do hope that what we see over the next four years is a resurgence of American patriotism. I hope that we can recreate that Great Generation that brought this country through the time of the Second World War to one of our most prosperous eras. Let us be the nation that, once again, rises to the occasion. Let’s conserve our resources, help our neighbors, and involve ourselves in our communities. Let’s stop waiting for the government to figure it out for us. Let us once again become activists and participants. That was the spirit our nation was founded upon. Let’s be that……

Leave a comment and tell us what your goal for the year is….how will you assist our President in re-creating America the Beautiful?

-The Mom


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