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New Blog! January 31, 2009

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So as you know, me and my mom do this blog together. (Well lately it’s been mostly her but whatever) Well, I decided I wanted to do my own blog while doing this one!  I asked my mom, she said yes, and now I have it!!!  If you want to check it out the URL is www.girltalk411.wordpress.com . . . . . . So check it out!


Twilight Zone January 30, 2009

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Early this morning or maybe late last night, I couldn’t sleep….or maybe I was half asleep…..or maybe, now that I think about it, I was completely asleep and dreaming all of this…

I don’t know, but I think I took a trip to the TWILIGHT ZONE.

As I lay in bed with my half sleep/full sleep/dream state going, my mind was wrapping itself around not one…….not two…..but three really FANTASTIC post ideas. Oh they were good….I mean really, really good. And….I was so proud of myself for having 3 days worth of posts all formulated in my pretty little noggin. All I was going to have to do was type them into my draft file and push “publish” and I was going to rule the blogosphere for Three. Whole. Days.

Then I woke up, got ready, dealt with the tragedy of the lost lunch box, dealt with the 2nd daily tragedy of the lost North Face, made lunch, breakfast, and snack, and put away the dishes from the dishwasher. I dropped off the carpool at the school….yelled silently at the lady that can’t figure out the stop, drop, and roll concept that is the beauty of the “drop off” lane at school, drove to work and then……the magnificence of the posts? E.VAP.OR.ATE.D. like mist from the clouds.   Poof.  Gone.   I can remember one title.  That’s it.   Just one.  Just one title.

My ruling of the blogosphere was so fast and furious that I bet you didn’t even know I was queen, did you?

That’s my reality.  Right there in a nutshell.

-The Mom


Yea I haven’t been writing lately….

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So I know what your thinking…… Wait????  This person shares a blog with her daughter???  I haven’t seen her write anything before!!!!  Well that’s because I haven’t been writing lately.  Actually my mom was thinking about changing the name from meanmom to methemom.  Not really.  Kind of.  Just kidding she wouldn’t do that!  So just wanted to tell you that I’m back and I will be writing more often!!!!!!


What? It’s Wednesday??!! January 29, 2009

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I can’t believe how fast this week has gone by! This past weekend, my S.O. (Significant Other***this guy needs a better name!) whisked me away on a spontaneous last minute getaway. LOVE HIM!!!

See if you can guess where…..imgp2253

This famous island is just off the coast of the city we visited.  Where am I?


This is a famous building in the city that I visited.  Where am I?


This chocolate company was founded in the city I was visiting.  Where am I?


We took this kind of transportation in the city I was visiting.  Where am I?


This is me trying to take our picture in front of this


famous bridge that the city I was visiting is known for.  Where am I?


This is supposed to be SO and I standing in front of the bridge.  Do you like the beautiful bridge?  Ya…..I can’t see it either…thanks a lot Mr. I’ll Take Your Picture!

Did you figure it out yet?  I tried to get Journey’s “Lights” to play for you, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that.  But you get the drift….The City by the Bay…..

I was in San Francisco!  What a treat!  Thanks Baby!


This was the only semi decent picture from the whole weekend 😦

What was your latest adventure?

-The Mom


Q. and A. January 23, 2009

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This is a riddle from the Littlest—–


There was a man who took a trip on a Friday and returned 3 days later on Friday. How is that possible?


He rode a horse named Friday!


-The Mom and The Littlest


Pick a Little January 22, 2009

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My mom had a great tradition that I have carried over into my own family. She, like I am now, was a working mom who for a couple of years also went to graduate classes at night for her Masters in Special Education. Although she is an amazing cook, even she would get sick of the “what’s for dinner?” grind. It was at the end of those long days or on a busy weekend that we would have “pick a little” meals. They’re my answer to the end of the long day too. Here’s how it works….open the fridge and find the bits and pieces of stuff from other meals or the last of the lunch meat, maybe one lone apple. Then you throw open the pantry door and pull out rolls or crackers and you put it all in the middle of the table. Every one picks a little of this and a little of that until they’re full. The best part? You clean out your Fridge too!

What are your favorite dining traditions?

-The Mom


God Bless America January 20, 2009

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As most of you did, I watched the inauguration today with pride and hope for our nation. I feel blessed that I was able to witness this day. Let us never downplay the importance of electing our first minority president. I’ve heard many ask why does there have to be a focus on it at all? In one way they are right….we should be beyond racial concerns. The fact is, though, that we are not. There are too many Americans who can still remember when they weren’t allowed to drink from a certain fountain, sit in a particular movie theater, or swim in a certain pool.

Today we finally live what we speak. We are united and free, all equal, all represented. I do hope that what we see over the next four years is a resurgence of American patriotism. I hope that we can recreate that Great Generation that brought this country through the time of the Second World War to one of our most prosperous eras. Let us be the nation that, once again, rises to the occasion. Let’s conserve our resources, help our neighbors, and involve ourselves in our communities. Let’s stop waiting for the government to figure it out for us. Let us once again become activists and participants. That was the spirit our nation was founded upon. Let’s be that……

Leave a comment and tell us what your goal for the year is….how will you assist our President in re-creating America the Beautiful?

-The Mom