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The Pull of the Tides November 26, 2008

The Soul Coaching group is affirming that we are in harmony with the natural rhythms of life.  I remember when I was in college, my mom was researching bio-rhythms.  She asked me if I ever noticed that at the end of every year I go through a “funk”.  Hmmm…..I hadn’t, but she was absolutely right.  The weird thing is that fall is my favorite season.  I love watching the trees turn colors and the crispness that comes in the air.  I love the need for a fire in the hearth and a warm cup of soup.  I love that fall brings football season (even though this season has been a complete bust if you are a fan of any team that plays in the state of Washington!). 

My significant other pointed out this morning that I am being very resistant to spending time with family over the holiday.  As I considered today’s reading, I had to admit that he was right.  I am feeling that fall funk and wanting to control things by being mopey.  It’s not a very constructive way of dealing with my funk but it is my default setting.  So, I will shake it off and realize that sometimes being in tune with the tides of nature doesn’t always mean submitting to them but respecting, accepting and then choosing action.

I guess that means I’ll be going to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Seattle bright and early on Friday morning with the rest of my family …..yuckcan’t wait!

-The Mom


5 Responses to “The Pull of the Tides”

  1. Serena Says:

    LOL….cool post, Jenn! It’s all about balance, I think….love nature and connect to it but we must realise we have other connections too.

    love, light and peace,

  2. Lisa Says:

    That’s interesting – did your mom mean that you personally have a rhythm where you get a little funky at the end of year? How cool that she was that in touch with you – or you were that in touch with each other.
    Enjoy that parade! You made me laugh!

  3. Jamie Says:

    It’s so funny how we can have these rhythms and not be conscious of it. It took me a while to realize that after every big project I have a bit of a downer time. Now I build that in as recoup time and it makes things so much better!

    I hope you find some joy at the parade!

  4. Genie Sea Says:

    YaY! I found you again! For some reason your blog was not loading for me recently…

    LMAO! Yuck crossed out! You rock my world 🙂

  5. Sacred Suzie Says:

    Oh I like this! Not submitting to them, very true. Hard with empathic people who just naturally tune in to what’s going on with them but once we are aware, we can decide that we don’t want to and don’t have to. Very liberating, thank you!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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