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Walking Tall November 25, 2008

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Today for Soul Coaching our affirmation is my body is incredibly strong and healthy.   Mmmmmkay…….If you say so.  Now that I’ve cleared my head a bit over the past few weeks, it is definitely time to take the step of clearing my body.  But we have had back-to-back birthday celebrations, one a week since Halloween.  This week is Thanksgiving…the most wonderful day of the whole calendar if you ask me.  It certainly is NOT the week I want to think about how strong and healthy I feel.

That being said, I did do a Pilates workout yesterday 🙂 

I do walk tall and carry myself with confidence.  I appear as if I feel great about myself.  I am also learning that intention is very important so I’m going to keep telling myself that I am incredibly strong and healthy….strong enough to actually get up early to work out…..healthy enough to only eat 1 piece of pie on Thursday.  In other words….I’m going to fake it ’till I make it.

Mom flies into town tomorrow and it will be hard to blog for a few days…..so, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I hope that your day is full of laughter and your belly is full of food.

-The Mom


5 Responses to “Walking Tall”

  1. Headless Mom Says:

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  2. dawnsrays Says:

    Fake it till ya make it. love that, but something tells me you won’t have to fake it for long.
    Hope you enjoy this time with your family. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Carrying yourself with confidence is so amazing and important. Good on you!
    And I’m a great believer in faking it til you make it. Faking it helps us to make it, doesn’t it? I think so.
    Have a good holiday – and don’t worry too much about counting the slices of pie 🙂

  4. Jamie Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Cheers to walking tall and being strong and healthy!

  5. Sacred Suzie Says:

    I’m glad you carry yourself with confidence! That sounds beautiful to me.

    Enjoy that one piece of pie and have a great Thanksgiving. Way to go doing Pilates! I wish my lower back would let me join you but I’m too injury prone. Grow strong for me OK? And taller! I was totally serious about growing 1/2 an inch.

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