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Sticks and Stones…and So There! November 23, 2008

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I received the following comment on my blog this morning.  I haven’t been writing this week as I was out of town on a very yuppy style birthday celebration.  When I got back home the girls and I ran head first into some major family drama.  I was up almost the entire night either holding them while they sobbed or wondering with worry how the recent events would play out over their lives.  When I checked in on my blog comments today I was surprised to see any since I hadn’t written anything.  To find the message below however, was kind of a blow.

craddlelover@yahoo.com |

you sound like a yuppie snob i cant wait to read more life must really suck at your beautiful beach house your ungrateful for what u have no wonder your never happy

So, it was interesting to me that the Soul Coaching activity for the day was to pass along a random act of kindness.  In that vain, I am wishing Laura the CraddleLover a day of peace and harmony.  I hope whatever hurts in her life that makes her troll the internet leaving crumbs of hatred along the way turns itself into a big fat hug full of sparkly giggles.  I really do.  I hope you all email her a little love note to make her day feel happy. 

In the meantime, I will thank the person whose BeachHouse I use.  They are very kind to let the girls and I go up there when we need to change our scenery.  I will also wrap my arms around those two beautiful beings I get to call daughters and tell them how lucky I am to be their mom and how amazingly grateful I am for them.  Every. Single. Day.  Then I will smile.  Because no matter how hard my life is in a given moment I have the inner happiness of knowing that I am OK.

-The Mom


2 Responses to “Sticks and Stones…and So There!”

  1. Headless Mom Says:

    Those people suck-You, however, have the right attitude about it. That is what gratitude and love is all about!

  2. DANIEL Says:

    I have recently come across your meaandmom blog. I guess it is a good way to vent. However, I have noticed your daughter writes as well, which must mean she reads what you write too.
    I do feel it may be a good way to vent and express yourself but should she really know everything you are going through ? Is she not still a child ? who should feel safe ? and who I am sure is innocent and should be protected from the emotional turmoil
    of her mothers life? So many of us go through this and it is difficult for us to deal with our thoughts and feelings of insecurity. It is hard for us, as the adults to struggle through these uncharted waters. How hard and painful must it be for our babies? especially if they see, hear, and feel our insecurities? They are only children for such a short while. Should we not protect them while we can ?
    There will always be STICKS and STONES thrown at us. But must our children really be in the line of fire? Only we can remove them from the line of fire. Some times we have to stand in front of them and protect them from the drama life throws at us. Yes, sometimes what people say and do sucks but we do things that suck as well. The difference? We can control what we do!

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