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Water, Water Everywhere November 13, 2008

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It has been raining all week here in the Pacific Northwest.  No surprise there, I guess.  But Soul Coaching Water Week has really swept in.  Today our goal is to “do nothing”.  I guess I’ve been practicing this for the past couple of days.  Something about all the rain took me from the great highs of last week and diluted them.  I am feeling water logged. 

Once again, I decided to move towards something and then felt the universe push back against me.  I came up with my personal mission statement.  When I finish writing it, I was excited to begin each day with purposeful energy.  Instead, every morning this past week I have awoken feeling like I hadn’t slept long enough or well enough.  I know that this is just my own inner resistance.  Do I really want this mission?  What happens if I don’t live up to it and nothing changes?  I also know that I do just need to see past those doubtful thoughts and keep my eye on the goal.  I saw through last week’s experiences that intention will bring result. 

So, I’m pushing through.  I’m not floating like I was during Air week.  I am swimming against the tide.  But I will see you on the other side of this big puddle! 

-The Mom


5 Responses to “Water, Water Everywhere”

  1. Sacred Suzie Says:

    That’s a lot of water, I know. But keep swimming. Water week only has a couple of more days. Soon fire will make it all cleansed and warm. I hope!

  2. Serena Says:

    The fact that you are aware of ego’s resistance is a great step in following your path. Remember, if you’re stuck in the water and you panic and flail about, you will waste all your energy and sink….however, if you remain calm and aware and, just keep swimming, you will eventually reach the other side.

    Love, light and peace,

  3. Jamie Says:

    There is no way to fail your mission. It is meant for you.

  4. Genie Sea Says:

    You are the raft that will help you navigate across the rough waters of doubt. Hang in there! I agree with Jamie, there is no way to fail something that is a part of you. It’s like yo can’t fial your legs or your smile. It’s yours. 🙂

  5. You’ll get through this puddle… you will. And when you do, th good will feel even good-er 🙂

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