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uugghh… November 11, 2008

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Okay so I woke up this morning, got up, and hit the wall.  Not literally.  I didn’t get out of bed and hit a hard, solid wall.  I hit THE wall…  For the whole day I have been tired.  I forgot my gym clothes in my backpack which was in my locker.  Yea funny story.  I thought I left my gym clothes in my gym locker.  I get there, open it.  It’s not there.  I thought maaybe I left it in the Chorus room because I have chorus right after gym.  Not there.  I feel anxiety growing in my stomach.  The kind I get when I lose something important.  LIKE MY GYM CLOTHES!  So, I didn’t realize they were in my backpack, so for the third time this year I went to PE in my regular clothes.  I was, like, crying in the locker rooms because I was so embarrassed.  Ask one of my friend that I can’t mention her name.  She’s tell you I was.  So really I went through all that stress and embarrassment to find out what exactly?  That the answer to my problems were IN MY LOCKER!  I hate these kinds of days where something bad happens and your stressed for the rest of the day… *Sigh*

-The Daughter


One Response to “uugghh…”

  1. meandmom Says:

    Hey Kiddo…

    I hate those days too 🙂 Good thing they aren’t the majority! It’s hard when you have to get up as early as you do every day. Don’t be so hard on yourself! It’s okay to be foggy sometimes 🙂 I love you, Mom

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