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Kona! November 7, 2008

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OK so Mom might have already mentioned this but I’m going to go into more detail about it.  So, we’re preparing meatloaf, me and the littlest are doing homework, everything was perfect.  Until IT happened.  Yes, I know, tragic.  So my mom takes out dog, Kona, out to uh, you know, do her thing or whatever..  So my mom comes back and, KONA’S PAW IS BLEEDING LIKE CRAZY!!!!!  It was….. Wow…. So we dashed into the car and Kona bled all over it.  See, we tried putting a bandage on it but it fell of, so she bled everywhere!  Then we went to the vets and she told us Kona had to stay over night.  It was sad for me becasue I love her like she was my child… Well… You know what it mean OK? !?  She’s back now and better than ever but her paw is now shaved and has stitches in it.  So much for our perfect meatloaf night…..

The Daughter


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