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Somedays that’s all we need to know

The Pull of the Tides November 26, 2008

The Soul Coaching group is affirming that we are in harmony with the natural rhythms of life.  I remember when I was in college, my mom was researching bio-rhythms.  She asked me if I ever noticed that at the end of every year I go through a “funk”.  Hmmm…..I hadn’t, but she was absolutely right.  The weird thing is that fall is my favorite season.  I love watching the trees turn colors and the crispness that comes in the air.  I love the need for a fire in the hearth and a warm cup of soup.  I love that fall brings football season (even though this season has been a complete bust if you are a fan of any team that plays in the state of Washington!). 

My significant other pointed out this morning that I am being very resistant to spending time with family over the holiday.  As I considered today’s reading, I had to admit that he was right.  I am feeling that fall funk and wanting to control things by being mopey.  It’s not a very constructive way of dealing with my funk but it is my default setting.  So, I will shake it off and realize that sometimes being in tune with the tides of nature doesn’t always mean submitting to them but respecting, accepting and then choosing action.

I guess that means I’ll be going to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Seattle bright and early on Friday morning with the rest of my family …..yuckcan’t wait!

-The Mom


Walking Tall November 25, 2008

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Today for Soul Coaching our affirmation is my body is incredibly strong and healthy.   Mmmmmkay…….If you say so.  Now that I’ve cleared my head a bit over the past few weeks, it is definitely time to take the step of clearing my body.  But we have had back-to-back birthday celebrations, one a week since Halloween.  This week is Thanksgiving…the most wonderful day of the whole calendar if you ask me.  It certainly is NOT the week I want to think about how strong and healthy I feel.

That being said, I did do a Pilates workout yesterday 🙂 

I do walk tall and carry myself with confidence.  I appear as if I feel great about myself.  I am also learning that intention is very important so I’m going to keep telling myself that I am incredibly strong and healthy….strong enough to actually get up early to work out…..healthy enough to only eat 1 piece of pie on Thursday.  In other words….I’m going to fake it ’till I make it.

Mom flies into town tomorrow and it will be hard to blog for a few days…..so, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I hope that your day is full of laughter and your belly is full of food.

-The Mom


My House, My Home November 24, 2008

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It is Earth week on the Soul Coaching journey.  Today we are challenged to examine our physical selves.  Uggggh!  Why do we women struggle with this? Right now I’m not thrilled with my physical self.  Ever since the summer I have been trying to stick to a consistant workout schedule.  I just don’t seem to be able to do it.  I don’t worry so much about the number I see on the scale.  I seem to be able to control it okay, even if it is about 10 pounds heavier than I want it.  But ever since I started working full time, I just have a hard time having energy or desire or time all line up at the same time.  And now I feel sluggish and weak and jiggely.  My jeans that I used to love to put on, now make me cringe.  Yikes.  So once again I will commit to a routine.  It’s extra challenging this time of year, but probably even more improtant.

Some other things I need to get on the calendar:  My first mamogram…oh yeah, I’m forty.  I also need to have my wisdom tooth removed.  Yup…just one…that’s all I got but it’s got to go.  I also would like to get blood work done to determine my hormone levels to figure out if my diet is lacking in anything.  Finally, I need to visit the right doctor to evaluate my knees.  They hurt too much for a gal my age!

So there it is….as I started this process by de-cluttering my home (the one where my body resides), I will end it de-cluttering my house (the one where my soul resides).

-The Mom


Sticks and Stones…and So There! November 23, 2008

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I received the following comment on my blog this morning.  I haven’t been writing this week as I was out of town on a very yuppy style birthday celebration.  When I got back home the girls and I ran head first into some major family drama.  I was up almost the entire night either holding them while they sobbed or wondering with worry how the recent events would play out over their lives.  When I checked in on my blog comments today I was surprised to see any since I hadn’t written anything.  To find the message below however, was kind of a blow.

craddlelover@yahoo.com |

you sound like a yuppie snob i cant wait to read more life must really suck at your beautiful beach house your ungrateful for what u have no wonder your never happy

So, it was interesting to me that the Soul Coaching activity for the day was to pass along a random act of kindness.  In that vain, I am wishing Laura the CraddleLover a day of peace and harmony.  I hope whatever hurts in her life that makes her troll the internet leaving crumbs of hatred along the way turns itself into a big fat hug full of sparkly giggles.  I really do.  I hope you all email her a little love note to make her day feel happy. 

In the meantime, I will thank the person whose BeachHouse I use.  They are very kind to let the girls and I go up there when we need to change our scenery.  I will also wrap my arms around those two beautiful beings I get to call daughters and tell them how lucky I am to be their mom and how amazingly grateful I am for them.  Every. Single. Day.  Then I will smile.  Because no matter how hard my life is in a given moment I have the inner happiness of knowing that I am OK.

-The Mom


Water, Water Everywhere November 13, 2008

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It has been raining all week here in the Pacific Northwest.  No surprise there, I guess.  But Soul Coaching Water Week has really swept in.  Today our goal is to “do nothing”.  I guess I’ve been practicing this for the past couple of days.  Something about all the rain took me from the great highs of last week and diluted them.  I am feeling water logged. 

Once again, I decided to move towards something and then felt the universe push back against me.  I came up with my personal mission statement.  When I finish writing it, I was excited to begin each day with purposeful energy.  Instead, every morning this past week I have awoken feeling like I hadn’t slept long enough or well enough.  I know that this is just my own inner resistance.  Do I really want this mission?  What happens if I don’t live up to it and nothing changes?  I also know that I do just need to see past those doubtful thoughts and keep my eye on the goal.  I saw through last week’s experiences that intention will bring result. 

So, I’m pushing through.  I’m not floating like I was during Air week.  I am swimming against the tide.  But I will see you on the other side of this big puddle! 

-The Mom


uugghh… November 11, 2008

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Okay so I woke up this morning, got up, and hit the wall.  Not literally.  I didn’t get out of bed and hit a hard, solid wall.  I hit THE wall…  For the whole day I have been tired.  I forgot my gym clothes in my backpack which was in my locker.  Yea funny story.  I thought I left my gym clothes in my gym locker.  I get there, open it.  It’s not there.  I thought maaybe I left it in the Chorus room because I have chorus right after gym.  Not there.  I feel anxiety growing in my stomach.  The kind I get when I lose something important.  LIKE MY GYM CLOTHES!  So, I didn’t realize they were in my backpack, so for the third time this year I went to PE in my regular clothes.  I was, like, crying in the locker rooms because I was so embarrassed.  Ask one of my friend that I can’t mention her name.  She’s tell you I was.  So really I went through all that stress and embarrassment to find out what exactly?  That the answer to my problems were IN MY LOCKER!  I hate these kinds of days where something bad happens and your stressed for the rest of the day… *Sigh*

-The Daughter


Turn Around Bright Eyes November 10, 2008

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What a wonderful weekend…quiet, relaxing, bonding…just perfect.  I listened to the waves of Puget Sound roll against the shore and closed my eyes and lifted my face to feel the misty raindrops falling.  I was surrounded by water!  It was refreshing and cleansing and grounding.

When I got back home in my mailbox was a late birthday card from my favorite aunt.  In it she wrote “women have a very specific kind of courage that enables them to fling themselves into the open sea”.  How amazing was that on our first day of Water week?!  Her sentiment mirrored what I have been finding in my own heart lately.  Courage and Bravery and Risk and Endless Possibility. 

Today in Soul Coaching we were asked to examine the turning points of our lives and what kinds of emotions we associate with those times.  Here are a few of mine:

  • My family’s move from Illinois to California when I was 10
  • Spending a summer as an exchange student in Ecuador
  • Putting myself through college
  • Getting divorced

Each of those times, and the other turning points that I haven’t mentioned, took courage and bravery and risk.  They also involved many different emotions.  I notice a pattern however of aloneness.  Is that a word?  Not loneliness…Alone-ness.  The two seem different to me.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  Was I alone because I didn’t want to let anyone in?  Do I just thrive off independence?  I notice that I’m not super connected to my community and my community often changes.  I tend to maintain a very small group of loved ones.  This is something I will have to continue to think about.

On a positive side, my mission statement is beginning to form:

My purpose is to strive to be the best that I can be in every moment (that doesn’t mean perfect, just the best I can be right then).  To live each day with intent and do everything with purpose.  To create an environment for my daughters and myself that is stable, positive, and centered.  To always seek that feminine courage that allows me to fling myself to the open sea.  To love with an open and accepting heart.

It’s a start anyway!

-The Mom