I’m OK, You’re OK

Somedays that’s all we need to know

Where’s Your Hip??!! October 9, 2008

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okay, so like ten minutes ago I was texting my friend.  I use the T-9 thingie on my phone and I was having trouble with a word.  As I was trying to do it, my phone slipped right out of my hands into my beloved mother’s eyes.  She read the text like this: Wassup hommce skillet. Biscut my main man. And then she was all, What’s wrong with you MCMacDaughter??!!  I was like, First of all homie G it’s pronounced like this: Wassup home skillet biscut.  My main man.  Then she was like, Ohhhhhh..  So yea..  Mom’s been all upset because I apparentally haven’t been blogging while she’s been blogging sooo much even though it’s been all of three days since I last came on here!! Okay….. Calm….  So yea I just wanted to tell you….  So yea..




Peace out y’all!!!


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