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Eight is Enough October 30, 2008

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My Littlest One turned my world around 8 years ago today. She didn’t want to come out, despite the fact that I was 50% effaced for 3 weeks and 3cm dilated. Every week the midwife would say she’s coming early I’ll see you in the hospital this week! Every week I’d see her back in her office, waddling my way down the hall, thinking that she would drop out any second because she was so low. But she didn’t come and she didn’t come until finally we decided to force her out in my 42nd week of pregnancy. Then she flew out like a canon!

Last year her 1st grade teacher asked for some early memories from the baby years. I didn’t have any to give! How incredibly sad is that??!! I enlisted my sister to search her memory banks. She didn’t have any memories of funny baby things either. I then remembered how Littlest took her time coming out of her shell. The Daughter really took up a lot of room on the stage and, being 4 years older, was very hard to compete with when language and gross motor skills haven’t formed much yet.

To this day Littlest often can be found stage left or stage right, allowing others to lead the show. Get that kid alone though and be prepared to laugh! Also be prepared to be surprised at her introspection and compassion for others. Her teachers call her a true friend to others. One even told me she was the Class Counselor. She has an imagination that is truly out of this world and is content with very simple things.

This year I asked her what she wanted for her birthday because people would be wanting suggestions. She could only come up with one answer….a Webkins. Then she looked at me and said “Mom, let’s not have presents. Let’s ask for donations instead and I’ll give them to people poorer than us”. She collected $50 for First Book….a literacy organization that provides books to families that aren’t able to buy them for themselves. Reading is Littlest’s all time favorite things. How incredibly wise of her to realize that we really do have everything we need and that more wouldn’t make her birthday any better than just the joy of turning 8.

My favorite thing about Littlest from the past year however, comes from a moment I didn’t even witness first-hand. She was visiting my sister in California and during a conversation while walking on the beach my sister asked her what her life motto is. Life Motto???? Are you kidding me???? I couldn’t even begin to articulate what my life motto would be! My then 7 year old, without skipping a beat, replied “Be Brave and Take Risks”. I guess my life motto should be…Listen to Your Kids!

Her favorite thing about the year? Finally pulling the booster seat out of the car! In our state 8 years or 80 pounds buys you a ticket to riding in the car like a Big Kid. We had a ceremony this morning including my rendition of the Bugle playing “Day is Done”.

Happy Birthday Littlest! You are my Joy!

-The Mom


Is it Monday Today? October 29, 2008

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I woke up this morning very groggy from a poor night’s sleep.  Like I do every morning, I started the shower (it takes about a year ten minutes for the hot water to show up) and I started the coffee.  I keep a two mug coffee maker on my bathroom counter so I don’t have to go all the way downstairs to start the process.  Yup….I’m lazy like that.  What?  I went back to bed to snooze until the water and coffee were ready.  When I hit the snooze for the last time….Seriously..What?….I made my way to the shower and to grab my mug of coffee.  By the way…..it helps when making a mug of coffee to actually put the mug under the coffee maker.  It saves the carpet on the floor from getting messy.

Your welcome.

-The Mom


Don’t Go Breaking My Heart October 28, 2008

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I sat there in the Middle School Media Room trying not to let a tear actually roll down my face.  It wasn’t easy.  The Daughter was standing up there with many girls that I have known since kindergarten.  Some of them we’ve known since preschool.  They were singing in their first choral performance of the year.  They were amazing!  They were composed and BE.AUT.TI.FUL.  They sang with joy and maturity and it was truly an enjoyable performance.  Big kudos should go out to the Choir Director who has done an amazing job with the 6 weeks they’ve been in school.  I’m serious!  These kids ROCKED! 

I remember many years ago at the wedding of one of my cousins, my mother said to me that she realized that when someone gets married or has a baby we often cry.  Her realization was that those tears came from our hearts breaking…..breaking apart so that they could become bigger to accomodate a new family member, a new life. 

When I watch my Daughter my heart often breaks.  It breaks because it has to get bigger.  It has to get bigger to accommodate my love and my pride for who she is.

You amaze me, my Dear One.  To see you take on this year and shine the way you are.  Academically, emotionally….you are more than impressive.  You are my pride.  You like to tease me for being so teary.  Now you know….it’s just me making more room.

-The Mom


Climbing to the top of the Mountain October 21, 2008

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I have been so wrapped up in life lately, that sometimes it feels like I’m not even living. The mundane details that go along with having a life can take up all our good moments…..Laundry, paying bills, grocery shopping, work, dinner, the yard work, etc., etc.,….I’m sure you can relate.  Right now is one of those times when it seems like a big mountain of life is blocking the way of my living.

So, I was so glad when I read about Krysta’s 5×5 project on Jenny-On-the-Spot’s blog.  Now, I’m no great photographer or anything, but I wish I were.  I’m truly not artistic, in the real sense of the word, although friends tell me that I am.  I get very, very nervous about putting my creative side forward for others to see.  But feeling like I was in life’s rut, I decided to take on a couple of Krysta’s projects.

This weekend in the middle of raking, weed pulling, dog walking, shirt folding, floor mopping, carpet vacuuming, and freezer defrosting I took a minute to stop and photograph the roses.  Actually, my roses aren’t looking so great so I ended up photographing the evidence of my Handling Life….my dirty wellies that I took off before walking back into my clean house. 

I’m glad I did it.  It isn’t an impressive work of art.  I didn’t necessarily stretch my creative limits.  But….I did take time to do something just for me.  Something to remind me that I’m more than a vacuum pusher or a dust bunny catcher or a household finance director. 

Thanks to Jenny and Krysta for sticking a little bit of Living into a weekend of Life.  You can see my project here.


Where’s Your Hip??!! October 9, 2008

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okay, so like ten minutes ago I was texting my friend.  I use the T-9 thingie on my phone and I was having trouble with a word.  As I was trying to do it, my phone slipped right out of my hands into my beloved mother’s eyes.  She read the text like this: Wassup hommce skillet. Biscut my main man. And then she was all, What’s wrong with you MCMacDaughter??!!  I was like, First of all homie G it’s pronounced like this: Wassup home skillet biscut.  My main man.  Then she was like, Ohhhhhh..  So yea..  Mom’s been all upset because I apparentally haven’t been blogging while she’s been blogging sooo much even though it’s been all of three days since I last came on here!! Okay….. Calm….  So yea I just wanted to tell you….  So yea..




Peace out y’all!!!


Word of Mouth Monday! Batter Blaster October 6, 2008

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Well, I did it!  I finally was organized enough to participate in Kelly’s Word of Mouth Mondays!

I don’t know about you….but hot breakfasts during the work week are a rare commodity at my house….unless I’m actually on top of things enough to boil a few eggs while I’m in the shower.  Pancakes are one of those Only-On-The-Weekend kind of foods…and usually reserved for sleepovers at that!

This little product though could revolutionize breakfast at the OK Corral!  

And while you are making those hot cakes….you can listen to this and do a little dance!

Happy Word of Mouth Monday everyone!

A special thanks to the Goddess of Recruiters, Heather Hamilton at One Louder for both this link ideas!  She doesn’t even know she’s the one that introduced me to Beautiful Blogland!  That’s a double thanks to her!

-The Mom


Weekend Word – All the Cool Kids are Doing it! October 3, 2008

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I was feeling like I needed to catch up to the rest of the gang in the blogosphere and have a weekly feature.  Come on Daughter….what happened to your weekly feature?

I grew up with a mother that never let her 4 kids, or the fact that she was a Special Ed teacher, influence her vocabulary.  We were raised using cool words like…..Oh, don’t ask me now that was a long time ago! 

In her honor, I will post the weekend word.  Starting with:

slugabed \SLUHG-uh-bed\, noun:
One who stays in bed until a late hour; a sluggard

With any luck, this will define the state of my affairs this weekend!  I needs me to catch up on my shut eye!

Happy Friday!

-The Mom