I’m OK, You’re OK

Somedays that’s all we need to know

sink or swim, baby September 26, 2008

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I am so out of practice here!  But I’m going to jump in feet first and it might not be pretty but it will be…well, just me. 

The past summer was a doozy!  The girls were going down to California to be with my mom and sister for a month and I had lovely little notions.  Romantic notions.  Of what would happen in that month.  I was going to not worry about rushing home after work to cook dinner.  I was going to meet friends for happy hour.  I was going to go to Italy. no France. no Greece.  I was going to have energy for excercising.  I was going to linger in my favorite stores all alone and lost in my own reverie.  I was going to miss my kids but I was also determined to take advantage of the opportunity to have a slightly less stressful much more self-centered experience for a little bit.

You know that movie Three Weddings and a Funeral?  Well, my summer was more like 3 Funerals and a Court Appearance.  It’s good that the kids weren’t home.  They were off frolicking the Pacific surf and I’m glad.  It was better for them, and for me, that I went through that month on my own.  The hardness of that month has passed and the weariness of getting through such a thing is wearing off.   The girls are back in school and life goes on. 

I wanted to use this space as a place to purge some of the ramblings in my head especially during such times and yet, I couldn’t even bring myself to find the words and my hands would drag against the floor at even the thought of typing keys. 

The past few days I’ve been lurking around blogland again.  I realize that I should have worked through my slump here, despite how I felt at the time.  I forget how much support and friendship can be found in the mystery of the world wide web.  I forgot how comforting it is to be reminded that there are so many of us experiencing the same or similar things. 

So, although I’m feeling gangly and gawky and not eloquent at all, I am jumping in feet first.  And you know what?  The water’s fine.  I’m ok….you’re ok.

The Mom


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