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Me so Pretty! September 30, 2008

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My gal pals on the ‘net are all adither about this lovely freebie! (click. Now.  Hurry!)

Go check it out …..just click on the link above……and see if you can win one too!

This is my heart’s desire

Thank you handbagplanet.com!  And thanks to Serenity Now! for the head’s up!  Now that’s a good friend!

-The Mom


Nip/Tuck September 29, 2008

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Ooh!  I needed that!  I convinced The Daughter that we needed a fresher look to our blog.  The greens on the other were making me depressed.  The browns in this one feel grounded and the flowers at the top serve as the pretty that we make in our own lives.

Hope you likey, likey!  Happy Monday everyone!

-The Mom


Ahh, Saturday September 28, 2008

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Oh the joys of Saturday!  I was in bed until ten thirty, which is the best luxury in the world when you wake up at five forty five on a week day basis.  My, Mom, Littlest, and The (Mom’s) Boyfriend walked down to Starbucks this morning for breakfast! Yum!  Then, Mom and The (Mom’s) Boyfriend had to drive down to Costco and Lowes for some stuff.  Me and Littlest stayed home.  Littlest went outside and played with her friends for a while while I was inside watching T.V.  But it was no ordinary T.V. show.  IT WAS AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL!!! I LOVE that show!  I never get so see it either, because it’s on during school hours.  To top if off, we had Taco Night at home!  Delicious!!  The perfect Saturday….


I’m sorry, okay? September 27, 2008

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Alright alright!  Enough already!  I already know I haven’t been writing lately because I’m me aren’t I??  Well, I’m currently reading Anne Frank, and I must say it is a very sad but great book!  So, onward to the life of Middle School!  First let me just say this.  UGH!  Okay.  Done.  It’s accually pretty good.  At the beginning I couldn’t figure out how to open my locker, so I had a friend do it.  THANK YOU FRIEND!  (I’m sorry but I can’t mention names, so you people know who you are.)  But I have it down now and it hasn’t been bad lately…  So that’s all I have to say for now but I promise I will write more, even with the homework from school, I will find a way.


Letting go September 26, 2008

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Lately I’ve been struggling with what i though life would be.  I read this post from Conversion Diary and it really socked it to me today.  I had thought I found “my calling”….to be the best mom I could be.  When I got divorced my definition of what that looked like really had to change.  Going back to work was something I didn’t want to do.  Ever.  I am not a child of my generation.  I could care less for career paths and professional success.  Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some hard work and a successful endeavor.  I just always wanted those activities to be involved with volunteering in school, church or community.

My idea of a great mom was someone that was always available when needed.  Cookies and milk after school.  Helping in the classroom and going on field trips.  Clean house.  Clean clothes.  Knowing all of my kids’ friends and their families.  For my own little house, I did not think I could be a great mom if I spent the majority of my day working.

I have to admit, there are many days that I am jealous and resentful of the SAHMs in my neighborhood.  I don’t like shoving ALL my mommying into the hours between 6 and 9 pm while also cooking, cleaning, and laundering.  I know it’s not YOUR fault.  It’s still not fair.  Oh! Everyone say hi to the 5 year old that I just morphed into for a second.

I have been feeling that “my purpose” had been yanked away from me.  Jen reminded me that I really just need to re-define what a great mom is.  So….how many things can we list that define a great mom?  I’ll start!

1. Surviving with a smile on my face and hope in my heart one day at a time

2. Teaching my children to work on my team instead of against it

3. Always remembering to say I love you at the end of the day.  And in the middle.  And in the beginning.

4. Knowing that 3 hours of really good mommying is just as good as 12 hours of really good mommying


Also….what is a great mom NOT?

1. Someone who feels a slave to the gourmet dinner menu

2. Someone who worries more about the cleanliness of her house than the joyfulness of her kids

3. Someone who hides jealousy and self pity in her heart

(By the way, the NOT list isn’t to judge others so much as it is to help me let go and re-define.  Slave away Martha, slave away).

Can you help me add to my list?  I think I need the village as much as my girls do!

Oh and a very big THANKS to my immediate village.  My friends and neighbors that watch my kids at a moment’s notice, even when they are sick.  The ones who share a glass of wine or two or five ok just two  let me come and vent when I need to.  Who remind me when I’ve left my garage door open.  Who let me borrow things from their kitchen so I don’t have to run to the grocery store.  etc., etc, etc,   You know who you are!  I truly could not have lived through the last 4 redefining years without you!

-The Mom


sink or swim, baby

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I am so out of practice here!  But I’m going to jump in feet first and it might not be pretty but it will be…well, just me. 

The past summer was a doozy!  The girls were going down to California to be with my mom and sister for a month and I had lovely little notions.  Romantic notions.  Of what would happen in that month.  I was going to not worry about rushing home after work to cook dinner.  I was going to meet friends for happy hour.  I was going to go to Italy. no France. no Greece.  I was going to have energy for excercising.  I was going to linger in my favorite stores all alone and lost in my own reverie.  I was going to miss my kids but I was also determined to take advantage of the opportunity to have a slightly less stressful much more self-centered experience for a little bit.

You know that movie Three Weddings and a Funeral?  Well, my summer was more like 3 Funerals and a Court Appearance.  It’s good that the kids weren’t home.  They were off frolicking the Pacific surf and I’m glad.  It was better for them, and for me, that I went through that month on my own.  The hardness of that month has passed and the weariness of getting through such a thing is wearing off.   The girls are back in school and life goes on. 

I wanted to use this space as a place to purge some of the ramblings in my head especially during such times and yet, I couldn’t even bring myself to find the words and my hands would drag against the floor at even the thought of typing keys. 

The past few days I’ve been lurking around blogland again.  I realize that I should have worked through my slump here, despite how I felt at the time.  I forget how much support and friendship can be found in the mystery of the world wide web.  I forgot how comforting it is to be reminded that there are so many of us experiencing the same or similar things. 

So, although I’m feeling gangly and gawky and not eloquent at all, I am jumping in feet first.  And you know what?  The water’s fine.  I’m ok….you’re ok.

The Mom


Word of Mouth Tuesday… September 24, 2008

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OK!  Ok!  Ok.  I have been a terrible particpant in this blog.  I will post about that another time.  Today I was inspired by another blogger to de-lurk and re-engage.  Why?   It’s my favorite season….crockpot season!  The Daughter will tell you that now that school and fall have set in, there will be many days when the warm, savory smell of dinner will wrap its cozy arms around her when she walks in the door after school.  Our favorite is this…..and it is So. Easy!!!!!

One whole chicken, salted and peppered

One whole onion cut into wedges

One whole lemon cut into wedges

One bottle of Italian salad dressing

Just stick everything in the crockpot and go!

The chicken will fall off the bones when you get home.  It’s great over rice, in a sandwich, or just on its own!




The Mom