I’m OK, You’re OK

Somedays that’s all we need to know

Ok so sorry im really trying to come on! August 20, 2008

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Ok you guys I’m really sorryj I didn’t come on lately but I also have to balance this one out with my new blog!  It’s called girltalk411.wordpress.com!  It’s my blog and only my blog unlike this one wich I share with my mom (Even though she really hasn’t been writing.  Don’t worry though she hasn’t been abducted by aliens or anything!)  So I just wanted to tell you that! Feel free to visit and go ahead and leave comments on both!

The Daugher


I’m baaacckkk! August 6, 2008

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Hi People of Blogging!  I’m back!  I gopt back on Thursday but since I’ve been trying to settle in again (In other words going out and playing with friends) I haven’t been able to blog.  So, over here in Washington it’s much cloudier and a little colder than warm sunny Cali.   But it doesn’t matter.  Kinda…… Okay maybe it does a little but that’s becaUse summer is supposed to be eighty degrees and everyone’s (or at least the kids) is supposed to be playing outside with popsicles in one hand and chalk in the other!  Oh well…