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Questions and Comments! July 12, 2008

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Okay, so I told you earlier this week that I would make a new weekly segment called comments and questions.  I’m going to do it every Friday from now on.  So, here goes

P.S.  Tell me wether you like it or not!  That way I can decide to do it more often or to stop.  Thank you!

Headless mom’s Comment(s)/question(s): My favorite part of summer vacation so far is the fact that I’m staying with my grandma for the next three weeks! (That’s right people I’m in California!)  My favorite quality about my mom is that she is almost always ready to listen (I say almost because no one can be ready to listen 24/7!)

Cupcakemagic/pinkie’s question(s)/comment(s):  I miss playing town with you guys too!  It was fun when you guys were here!  We do still do parking spaces and the hot tub is still fun, just not as much fun without you guys! :(….  Why is your tramp not the same as theirs?   As for You-Know-Who ( I say that because I’m not allowed to use names! It sounds like Voldemort but its not! You know who it is!) he has made some guy friends in the neighborhood!!  I do read the clique books.  Why do you ask?


Thank you for all the people who leave comments! It very entertaining to read and I love to respond on Fridays!


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