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Somedays that’s all we need to know

SCHOOL IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! June 21, 2008

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Okay, so yesterday was the first day of summer.  Since it was, The Littlest Sister wanted to do a lemonade stand with her friend.  My mom was working from home so she couldn’t help take the stuff down and told me I had to.  So I start by bringing the regular lemonade and the bag of cups.  Now I live on a very steep hill and they were about halfway down setting up.  I go back up and get the rasberry lemonade.  I meet them down there and they tell me I forgot the sign.  I was like, grrrr but went back to get it anyway.  I couldn’t find it so I’m heading back to tell them I couldn’t find it.  Well, they brought it down!  I was hot, and sweaty because of what a warm day it was and I was climbing up and down a hill that was really steep.  So I say, why did you bring the sign down? 

Them:  Because we neeeded it.

Me: then why did you send me back up there?


I start walking back towards home and they say, can you get us some water????????

I was like, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!  In my head I was thinking, what am I a slave?!?!?!?!???


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