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Hilo! June 4, 2008

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My life is over!  I am such a dork, it doesn’t even make sense! Just like that sentence.  Not only did my pants rip in class at the very beginning of the day, but I just said the dorkiest things on the phone!  Gosh I’m going to beat myself up right now! Literally.  Grrrrr..  This is no fun at all! Im not trying to be negetive but how could I not?  My teacher also took away the end of the year party!  Oh, and not because of me…. BECAUSE OF LIKE 20 OTHER KIDS IN MY CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh.


One Response to “Hilo!”

  1. cupcakemagic Says:

    hey i’m a dork too! TWINS!

    you know what? i think it’s good to be a dork cause then it means you aren’t fake. the only people who aren’t dorks are fake losers who have no lives. so HIGH FIVE for dorks!

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