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Counting Sheep June 4, 2008

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 Recenlty I have had really bad sleep issues.  Whenever I tell anyone, they always have plenty of advice.  Here are some of the suggestions:

1.  Exercise more.  Actually trying this one.  Hasn’t worked yet.  Hopefully it will work soon.

2. Develop a routine.  This is great sounding in theory, but doesn’t work well in real life.  Sometimes the only opportunity I have to browse the web, read a book, talk to friends or family on the phone, etc is right before bed.

3.  Go to a sleep clinic.  OK….if you have problems sleeping and then you go to a strange place, sleep in a strange bed with electrode thingies stuck all over you….how restful do YOU think that is going to be?  How is that going to be a good indicator of what is wrong with me?????

4. Develop a mental mantra.  My Co-Worker says he “golfs” in his head every night.  He’s been doing this for years and now he never makes it past the first tee off.  I tried “swimming”.  This is how it went.  Stroke, Stroke, When am I going to get Laundry done, Stroke, Stroke, I need to get gas in the morning, Stroke, Stroke, I shouldn’t have been so cranky with the kids today, Stroke, Stroke.  Not Working.

5.  Chamomile tea.  Yeah, right.  NOT.

6.  Lots of alcohol.  My preferred choice.  Not really.  kinda.

7.  My other Co-Worker suggested melatonin.  It apparently helps regulate the circadian rhythm.  I need to give this one serious consideration.  Additional benefits too! 

What else should I consider?  If you have any great ideas, leave them for me in the comment section.

Hopefully I’ll be sleeping soon. 

-The Mom



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