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UGH! June 24, 2008

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Okay, so me and my neighborhood friends bust out the chalk in the summertime and play what we call ‘town’.  Everyone has a job or more than one job, and we all have little houses and its really fun.  Well, for the past two days we have built our little town, using valuble time to do so.  So, we are all chilling in my neighbor’s hot tub, and about five boys go and write crap, poop, and butt all over the town!  After an adult told them to clean it up, they didn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am SO mad right now!  XP 


SCHOOL IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! June 21, 2008

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Okay, so yesterday was the first day of summer.  Since it was, The Littlest Sister wanted to do a lemonade stand with her friend.  My mom was working from home so she couldn’t help take the stuff down and told me I had to.  So I start by bringing the regular lemonade and the bag of cups.  Now I live on a very steep hill and they were about halfway down setting up.  I go back up and get the rasberry lemonade.  I meet them down there and they tell me I forgot the sign.  I was like, grrrr but went back to get it anyway.  I couldn’t find it so I’m heading back to tell them I couldn’t find it.  Well, they brought it down!  I was hot, and sweaty because of what a warm day it was and I was climbing up and down a hill that was really steep.  So I say, why did you bring the sign down? 

Them:  Because we neeeded it.

Me: then why did you send me back up there?


I start walking back towards home and they say, can you get us some water????????

I was like, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!  In my head I was thinking, what am I a slave?!?!?!?!???


More info on my end of the year/graduation things! June 18, 2008

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Okay, so I know some of you are probably getting bored with my talking about graduation and end of the year fun stuff but today I had graduation so I will be done talking about after today! Maybe…..  I hope…. My end of the year party had many fun things to do.  One of my good friends brought in a chocolate fountain and a bunch of things to dip into them.  It was yummy!  We also had a movie and we all got to bring blankets and pillows and it waws fun.  Okay, so today was the big day.  Graduation.  I got my hair done last night and it looks amazing.  I woke up at 6 this morning and put on my beautiful dress and straigtened my hair after I showered and blow dried.  Then I got my shoes from The Dad and put them on.  Okay, so I was at school and I was totally messing with my new hair that was sooooooo awesome!  The boy behind me was like, would you stop messing with your hair?!?!?!?  I was like, NO!  And messed with it some more.  I went in and I had a smile bigger than the oceans put together!  It stayed like that for a while.  All of the fifth grade tearcher’s came up and gave us graduation certificates.  But before that, they gave a short spreech of how wonderful their class was.  All of them cried except for one, who has been doing it many years and knows how to handle it.  I didn’t have that teacher though.  I had one of the cring teachers. Which wasn’t a bad thing. And we sung a song and after the ceremony, we had treats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   YAY TREATS!  Then I went out to sushi and had a greeaaattt day!  Then end.





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OMG!!!! I keep saying OMG…… June 17, 2008

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I’m sorry folks! I can’t help but OMG all the time!  Because when your in fifth grade at C.R. Elementary and it’s the end of the year, so many fun things happen!  We just had our class party today ( which of course, we earned back! 🙂 ).  There was a chocolate fountain and pizza and chips and a movie and blankets and pillows and stuffed animals and lots of other things!  It was AWESOME MAN!  Tomorrow we go to a park near the school to do a 5th Grade picnic.  We will stay at the park allllllllll day! that’s right.  No learning!  YAY!  Then on Wedensday we have Graduation and we all go to the Gym and graduate! OMG!  I have and Ah-dorable dress as you folks already know because I brag about it wayyyyyyyy too much! Haha! Then on thursday we only have school for a couple of hours and we have two assemblys and go home.  THEN ITS SUMMER VACATION! AHHHH!!!!  But today we signed year books! Ewmygawd!  Sorry… Had to do it… He he… Well anyways, thanks for listening to the Babbler babble!





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I went to an end-of-the-year party at one of my classmates house and we had soooooooo much fun! I hung out with a lot of people!  I had a lot of fun, Ill say it again!  We had cake and hamburgers and there was a crazy food fight! ( Which shouldn’t have happened and I didn’t join in on! (( Yay meI A perfect child!)))  We also did riduiculous videos!  It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! I loved it!!!!!!


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He He…You said crab! June 10, 2008

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Don’t you love it when in the middle of a bad day, you find a reason to burst into silly, hysterical giggles?  I was driving the girls on one of the many trips to Home Depot this weekend and talking on the phone with my sister.  I confessed that I had been in a terrible mood for the entire week and the peanut gallery chimed in from the back,

“you have mom!”  Then I was like..


“yeah, I have been a total crab pot!”

them:  laughter

me:  “Thanks girls!”

The Littlest One: “Mom’s a crabbutt” more hysterical laughter.

Me:  “wait!  I’m a what???”

Them:  “a CRAB BUTT” literally FOCSL…….falling out of carseat laughing 

Me:  “I did not say that. I said crab POT”

Them “We heard crab BUTT” Tears now streaming down faces.

They are laughing so hard I can’t help but join them.

What a great moment of silly joy in an otherwise gray, rut of a day. What tickles your funny bone?

The Mom



Omg Graduation!

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Today we had graduation practice! It was fun! I tried to think of what it would be like on the real day! I would be glowing with pride and happiness, unable to keep a broad smile off my face.  And when I get my certificate, oh, I’ll me grinning from ear to ear. Literally. Not really. I can’t smile that big. Oh wel!  It will definately be as big a grin as I can muster without looking like a mad-man.  Or in this case woman!  I got a dress and it is really pretty.  I can’t describe it but maybe I can get a picture of it up here!   Some day I will!  I am just babbling on and on about it because I am so excited. And when Im excited I babble.  Lalalalalalala!  See?!?!?!  There’s proof!