I’m OK, You’re OK

Somedays that’s all we need to know

Late Post that should have been mentioned yesterday… May 30, 2008

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Okay, so my day wasn’t all bad yesterday.  I was in class and a kid at my table said something funny and I had had a runny nose.  So I’m laughing and like, two pounds of snot comes out of my nose onto my face/hand.  So I go up to my teacher and I’m like, “I need a tissue.”  She said, “Why?”  I said, “Because I was at my table and Kid at Table said something very funny and yea…”  I trailed off and she knew the rest.  “Oh!”  she said.  So I found out where the tissues were and got a couple.  Everyone saw me and were like, what happened?  And then they saw me wiping off my face and were like, Oh!  And started laughing.  Not at me but with me, because then I started laughing too!  It was hilarious!


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