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Somedays that’s all we need to know

Grrrr… May 27, 2008

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Today I started by barely being able to keep my eyes open.  I woke up at six fifteen, showered, and got ready for school.  I got to school and I was a little more awake, but not by much.  Then at recess, some “mean girls” as I call them, were playing four square.  They all set up on this one girl to get her out.  I heard and said, ‘that’s really mean!  They were like, who cares?  Then they started going for me too, because I defended the poor girl getting emotionally beaten up!  Like my title says, Grrrr…


One Response to “Grrrr…”

  1. Hannah Says:

    You told me this story!
    She is just WAY to insecure about herself and tell her that-but not in a mean voice. Just kinda “calmly” and innocently.

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